Amplitude №1 goes to Unseen 2017 / 22-24 September


Since FotoDepartament’s first printed edition, AMPLITUDE №1, was released, some of Russian and world’s prominent online magazines about photography have been paying attention to the edition. Among them are British Journal of PhotographyThe Calvert JournalThe Independent Photo Book and INRUSSIA. This spring AMPLITUDE was presented at Photobookfest and Garage Art Book Fair in Moscow and at Art Fair Suomi in Helsinki.

AMPLITUDE at Unseen 2017

And very soon AMPLITUDE is coming to Unseen, Amsterdam! From 22 to 24 of September Rodchenko Art School’s booth in Unseen Book Market will be presenting AMPLITUDE №1 along with photobooks and zines of Rodchenko School’s students and alumni: Kirill Saveliev, Anastasia Lobanova, Daniil Kolchanov, Olga Matveeva, Ekaterina Mamontova, Maria Pokrovskaya, Sofa Skidan, Olga Vorobyova, Ivan Petrokovich, Dasha Trofimova, Alena Shapovalova, Marianna Mangileva and Anna Denisova.

Take a look at photobooks and zines by Rodchenko School’s students and alumni, which will be presented in Unseen Book Market

How to purchase AMPLITUDE №1

If you are going to Unseen, there is a great opportunity to buy AMPLITUDE №1, avoiding shipping costs. Just order the book on FotoDepartament Store by choosing an option “Delivery for UNSEEN 2017 buyers / 0 delivery costs” and get your copy at Rodchenko School’s booth, while visiting Unseen.

AMPLITUDE is also available in 25books bookshop in Berlin.

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