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Jana Romanova. W

FotoDepartament Gallery
presents an exhibition under the program Green, showing young Russian photographers:

Jana Romanova / Saint-Petersburg


26 May – 22 July`2012

Exhibition Opening: 26 May, Saturday / 18.00 – 20.00

Held at: FotoDepartament Gallery

“W” – a letter from the alphabet, a sign on the door, graphic drawing, symbol, signifying something, can be a “woman”, can be “wall”, and
even when we pronounce the letter “W” – we say “double you”, it sounds like “twice you”, your twin, copy, or even “the repetition of you.”

It is believed that copying is easier than doing something new. Exploring the question of what is beauty and femininity in the modern society, I copy poses of different girls, whose appearance and self-confidence I consider to be different from mine. I’m interested to discover the way how an idea of “self” is being formed in our minds and how all the things considered to be beautiful depend on advertising and fashion magazines. I wonder why all these girls choose these poses, whether they consider themselves beautiful as well – and if it’s really possible to feel “feminine” while trying to make exact copy of other woman’s movement.

About artist:

Jana Romanova (1984, Saint-Petersburg).
Documentary photographer, based in Russia.


2001-2006 – Saint-Petersburg State university, faculty of journalism, Russia. 2007-2009 – Faculty of Photojournalism in the name of U.A. Galperin, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.


Magazines: PDN magazine (USA), Russian reporter (Rus), Internazionale (Italy), Geo (France, Russia), Eikon (Austria), European Photography (Germany), PhotoRAW (Finland), Foto&Video (Rus), World Voyager (Rus), Conservator (Rus), Noble Saint-Petersburg (Rus), Interbusiness (Rus), etc. Agenccies: Anzenberger,

Exhibitions (selected):

2011 – “Waiting” and “Heroic Heroes” take part in “Territories of Desire” collective exhibition at the Backlight
Festival, Tampere, Finland; 2011 – “Waiting”, solo exhibition during the Fashion and Style in Photography Festival, Moscow, Russia. 2010 – “Young Russian Photography. Time”, collective exhibition by by FotoDepartament Foundation. Saint-Petersburg, Russia. 2010 – “Overbalance”, collective exhibition at Metenkov House, Ekaterinburg, Russia. 2010 – “Attention! Courage!”, exhibition during the ArtSobes Festival, Saint-Petersburg, Russia. 2010 – “Young Russian Photography.

Something Strange”, collective exhibition by FotoDepartament Foundation. 2009 – “Young Russian Photography. Understanding”,
collective exhibition by FotoDepartament Foundation. Saint-Petersburg, Russia.


2011 – Photography Book Now, Honorable mention (documentary)
2011 – PDN Photo Annual (documentary)
2011 – Px3 Prix de la Photographie Paris, Honorable mention.
2010 – 2nd prize in “Young Man in 21st Sentury”, Lithuania.
2010 – Finalist of the Vilnius PhotoCircle Festival, Lithuania.


Media partners: The Village / Look At Me / Be-in /

Press contacts:
by phone +7 (901) 301-7993
by e-mail:

All works shown during exhibitions, can be purchased in the  FotoDepartament Gallery / / +7-901-301-7994

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