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“Young Photography 2012 1/2. Below the surface”: call for submissions


The project of Russian photography development and support “Young Photography” continues in 2012!

The Foundation of Cultural and Informational Projects FotoDepartament announces call for submission for the first exhibition of the project in this season. This is the 7th time when submission is open and free for young Russian photographers.

“Young Photography” 2012 1/2. Below the surface

Project initiated by: The Foundation of Cultural and Informational Projects FotoDepartament
Center for Arts and Music of the Mayakovsky library / Nevsky, 20

Since 2009 the project is under the umbrella of the Commitee for Culture of Saint-Petersburg

Exhibition partner: «Yarkiy Mir» company /

FotoDepartament announces the opening of the 7th submissions season for personal projects made by young photographers. Authors are welcome to submit their work online. Using votes of the curators, an exhibition of the first, summer season of the project will be made. It will take place in Saint-Petersburg, at the Centre of Art and Music on Nevsky, 20, from July, 6 to 31, 2012.

This season will be fully experimental.  For the first time, apart from judging the projects, curators will be able to make their own research of the field of Russian photography and to propose the photographers they’ve seen on the web, at other exhibitions, in publications etc. This is done in order to expand the field of study and to make the exhibition even more unpredictable and experimental.

Starting this year, we accept projects that research and use new forms of photography – installations, projections, multimedia- and video-works that include static images. We are ready to reflect the future of the media and to show interesting works with imagery – from analogue to digital experiments.
The most important thing – as we have noticed that mos of the applications come in the last week, we’ve decided to give our participants the only one week to download their work! Submission closes on July,1. Just look through the images you’ve made for the past year, choose some photographs, write a text, and apply. We’ll be glad to meet projects made by committed photographers, who always seek for insights, who, no matter for the exhibition theme, work, change and develop photography in our country.

“Young Photography 2011 2/2. The Flow” exhibition, winter 2012 

The main theme of the exhibition is: Below the surface

Photography is simply making an image of what’s caught in a lens. Although we know that objects make us do a shot by somehow affecting us. They existed, lived and acted in a way. Beyond time, the aura of an odject still influences us through photographs. More complicated, an image includes something which is not concentrated in the present moment of the taking: the past and the surrounding. So where does photography begin? How does it reveal its own nature? How much does it show and how much does it imply?
We would love to see both reflections on the medium of photography and its actual development in social and private life. That elusive “something in the air”, which is important and inseparable, while being on the stage of revealing itself.

This season’s curators 2012 1/2:

Alina Belishkina, exhibition curator, photo-editor, curator of the educational program “Photography as a research” at FotoDepartament, SPb
Harry Hardie, curator, founder and director of the Here company and Here Press / /London
Misha Fridman, photographer/ New York
Nadya Sheremetova, photocritic, curator /SPb

Submission closes on July, 1, 2012!

The exhibition of the first season in 2012 will take place in Saint-Petersburg, at the Centre of Art and Music on Nevsky, 20, from July, 6 to 31.

Official site of the project Applying for the projectsand curatorial view are made online.

Submission is open for young photographers (those who have not reached the age of 36) from all over Russia. We accept whole  recent projects created in the last 2 years. We do not accept foreign photographers’ submissions, though if you’re Russian and live abroad temporarily, you’re welcome to take part.

We accept art, documentary photography, and multimedia and installation works as well. We don’t accept commercial photography, studio sessions, single event reportages and single shots given with no joining idea.

Only the author himself or the group of authors has the right to submit the work for the project. All rights remain with the author. Each participant may apply up to 3 times with different works each season. Those participants whop have already taken part in the project before may apply with new works on general terms.

Curators reserve right to refuse an entry if work doesn’t correspond the theme.

Submissions for “Young Photography” is free!

You may find detailed guidelines here

Project initiator:
Gallery/Bureau FotoDepartament

address: Saint-Petersburg, Nevsky., 32, phone/fax: +7(812) 314-5925
Project coordinator: Nadezhda Sheremetova /