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Exhibition: Young photography 2012 1/2. Below the surface

FotoDepartament is glad to announce names of 18 photographers who will take part in the exhibition of the summer season of the “Young Photography” project in 2012!
It is the first time we expand the exhibition this much and make the display of several sections, that will include art and documentary works, book section and multimedia.

Young photography 2012 1/2. Below the surface 

6 – 30 July`2012

Center for Arts and Music of the Mayakovsky library / Nevsky, 20 / 2nd floor

The exhibition participants are:

Art and documentary photography

Irina Alaeva. Night constructions / Moscow
Svetlana Galanova. He definately loved that / Saint-Petersburg
Anna Laurinavitchute. Either — or / Saint-Petersburg
Lera Mostovaya. Found and lost / Saint-Petersburg
Natalia Reznik. Secters / Perm — Fürth
Andrey Savransky. The Foundation pit / Voronezh
Oleg Savounov. 4.10 / Saint-Petersburg
Natalia Tabakova. Testing laboratory / Moscow
Maria Rozhkova. Visible, not obvious / Saint-Petersburg
Katya Yushkevich. Scratch till it bleeds / Saint-Petersburg

Tatiana Palyga. About nothing / Saint-Petersburg
Anton Sokolov. Nothing happends / Saint-Petersburg
Anastasia Tsayder. Russian interriors / Moscow
Alexander Chernavskiy. Parabiosis / Moscow
Alexander Verevkin. Cluster E / Saint-Petersburg
Petr Antonov. Behind the garages / Moscow
Nikita Safronov. 6 trials of resistance / Saint-Petersburg

Vera Pisarenko. Aliens / Saint-Petersburg

We congratulate all participants!
We are happy to see how Russian photographers imagine their projects not only as a series of images on the wall, but also as a book or multimedia, and we are glad to show them in one exhibition by creating experimental expositions.

The main theme of the exhibition is: Below the Surface
Photography is simply making an image of what’s caught in a lens. Although we know that objects make us do a shot by somehow affecting us. They existed, lived and acted in a way. Beyond time, the aura of an odject still influences us through photographs. More complicated, an image includes something which is not concentrated in the present moment of the taking: the past and the surrounding. So where does photography begin? How does it reveal its own nature? How much does it show and how much does it imply?
We would love to see both reflections on the medium of photography and its actual development in social and private life. That elusive “something in the air”, which is important and inseparable, while being on the stage of revealing itself.

This season’s curators 2012 1/2:

Alina Belishkina, exhibition curator, photo-editor, curator of the educational program “Photography as a research” at FotoDepartament, SPb
Harry Hardie, curator, founder and director of the Here company and Here Press / /London
Misha Fridman, photographer/ New York
Nadya Sheremetova, photocritic, curator /SPb

“The Young Photography 2012” is the project which allows young photographers from all over Russia to submit their work online in order to be seen and luckily picked by the jury of 5 curators, all professionals in their field. Using votes of the curators, an exhibition of the first, summer season of the project will be made. It will take place in Saint-Petersburg, at the Centre of Art and Music on Nevsky, 20.
This season will be full of experiments. Starting this year, we accept not only art and documentary photography, but multimedia and installation works as well. For the first time, apart from judging the progects, curators will be able to make their own research of the field of Russian photography and to propose the photographers they’ve seen on the web, at other exhibitions, in publications etc. This is done in order to expand the field of study and to make the exhibition even more unpredictable and experimental.

The exhibition of this summer season “Young photography 2012 1/2. Below the surface” will take place in the Center for Arts and Music at Nevsky, 20 in Saint-Petersburg from July, 6 to 31. 2012