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Open events of Dutch Photography Experience project / 13-14 October 2012

In the frameworks of the “Dutch Photography Experience” project, the Fall 2012 part, we introduce open events for photographers and wide audience interested in contemporary art. Lecures by curators, presentations by Dutch artists, a discussion about new practicies in photography will take place on the 13th and the 14th of October at the Creative space Tkachi.

Moreover, emerging photographers will have a chance to discuss their portfolios with the researcher and curator Caroline von Courten at the open portfolio review where they will get comments and recommendations for their projects.

The entrance for all open events is free.


13 October / Saturday  //  17.00 – 20.00

LECTURE: Caroline von Courten. Dutch Photography Now: Between 3 and 2 Dimensions

This lecture aims to give an accurate overview of the last developments in the field of documentary and art photography from the Netherlands. Through the means of the camera a three-dimensional space or situation is translated in a two-dimensional image. The different Dutch artists that I will introduce to your audience are not only known for their exceptional photographic work but also for their particular way of presenting it. In that sense they transform the two-dimensional again into three-dimensional objects within the exhibition space or as photobooks.

Caroline von Courten (1983, Germany) graduated in 2008 at the Leiden University (Master Photographic Studies) with a master thesis on blurriness in contemporary photography, relating theoretical reflections on photography to cultural-philosophical notions about indeterminacy. Soon after she worked as assistant curator of photography at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and later became exhibition project manager at the Nederlands Fotomuseum in Rotterdam. In 2010 Von Courten co-curated and organized the satellite exhibition QUICKSCAN NL New Photography from the Netherlands commissioned by the Nederlands Fotomuseum at the Dutch Culture Center in Shanghai, affiliated to the World Expo. Meanwhile she was at the core of shaping and producing the annual Dutch Doc Award for Dutch documentary photography – an initiative of the FondsBKVB (The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture).

From September 2010 to March this year Von Courten acted as managing editor of Foam International Photography Magazine, the quarterly published magazine owned by Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam and Vandejong Communications. In spring, she was appointed research assistant at Leiden University in the field of photography theory and started in june 2012 her PhD as part of a four year long project (2012-2016) conducted by the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and the universities of Leiden and Utrecht.

The focus of her research is on photographic works onto which another medium has been applied, like photo-collages or photographs that have been overpainted. The material aspect of these photographic artworks makes them unique non-reproducible objects. Her theoretical reflections therefore concentrate on the tension between image and object in photography with a special interest in the notion of the surface of a photograph and its philosophical implications for the theory of photography.



OPEN DISCUSSION about new photographic practices:  Caroline von Courten (moderator), Luuk Vilmering and Martine Stig

Erik Kessels. Installation at FOAM Fotomuseum. 2011

14 October / Sunday  // 17.00 – 20.00

LECTURE: Evgenia Sveshinsky. [Multi]media stories: web as a source of inspiration and a presentation platform

Evgenia Sveshinsky (1980, RU/IL/NL) is a freelance researcher and curator. Evgenia received a BA in photography, video and multimedia from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem and an MA degree in Photographic studies from Leiden University. She interned at the photography department at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. Since 2010 Evgenia works on several projects with foundation Paradox, among which exhibition ANGRY/Young and Radical at the Netherlands Photo Museum, Rotterdam. Sveshinsky conducted the research on web-based storytelling and has worked on the symposium Photostories. She is currently

involved in production of the exhibition Poppy. Trails of Afghan Heroin (Robert Knoth Antointte de Jong) that will open in the Nederlands Fotomuseum 31 March, 2012. Evgenia is also responsible for organizing and conducting a workshop( together with Bas Vroege (Paradox)) for the students of Rodchenko school of Photography and Multimedia, Moscow. The workshop will explore various presentation platforms for lens–based projects.

OPEN PORTFOLIO-REVIEW: curator Carolin von Courten

The previous experience of organizing different formats of reviewing and discussing projects gave us an idea of ‘open portfolio reviews’. They are free of admission for artists and free for the general audience to enter and take part in the event. Any emerging author can submit a project and receive comments from a guest expert and FototDepartament curators, the audience is welcome to be a part of the dialogue as well.

Artists that are willing to participate are expected to be ready to make a presentation of their project in front of a wide public, answer unexpected questions, and be open for a dialogue.

The portfolio review will go in English with consequitive translation into Russian.

FotoDepartament will make a preselection of projects to be shown at the portfolio review and has a right to refuse to photographers in case the works have not reached a certain level of quality.

Participation in open portfolio-review is open only for Russian artists.

We will be happy to meet you at our lectures and other open events!

The events take place at:

Exhibition Space Tkachi / emb. Obvodny channel, 60/ 5th floor