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Exhibition: Julia Spiridonova. Raw

FotoDepartament Gallery
presents an exhibition under the program Green, showing young Russian photographers:

Julia Spiridonova / Moscow


5 January – 8 February’2013

Held at: FotoDepartament Gallery

In the Middle Ages the body in the European tradition was perceived as an instrument of service to God, and women beauty was measured by the ability to bear children. Later, the secular world offered many conceptions for the hermeneutics of body: from Romanticism to Libertine. Today, the mainstream interpretation is also changing: the fragmentation and discontinuity of communications, habits of audiovisual consumption, satiety of visual experience bring perception of the body that is not just a surface membrane, built by clothes, makeup, etc – but rather an instantaneous (we never watch longer), “cloud” image created by a person. As we carefully work on this image, the body becomes an instrument of self-expression, postulation of internal freedom, and, sometimes, dominance.

Raw – is what is under this cover, carefully intertwined by us in the everyday life. This defenseless subject in his inner nakedness in front of the lens. An erratic, hysterical reaction when the inevitable gaze of the Other is recognized. And, of course, doubts, reflection, constant “try on” of the image in private.

About artist:

Julia Spiridonova is currently a Graduate student in Photography at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design (Boston, MA). In 2010
Julia studied Photography as a non-degree student at the Yale School of Art (New Haven, CT). She took classes in Russia at the Rodchenko School (Moscow) and Photodepartament (Saint Petersburg), and is a graduate of Moscow State University. Julia’s main interest is in contemporary interpretation of portrait and modern representation of human body.


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