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Alexander Bondar. The Sun

FotoDepartament Gallery
presents an exhibition under the program Green, showing young Russian photographers:

Alexander Bondar/Saint-Petersburg

The Sun

9 February – 31 March’2013

Held at: FotoDepartament Gallery

In some of these pictures the Sun is absent, in others there is too much of it. And still in others there was not enough Sun and the author had to add some light artificially. The author reacted on amount of illumination, maybe even on amount of warmth received from the Sun.

The Sun is considered here as a symbol of right distance (because even life on our planet is possible only at a certain distance from/to it). A bit further (darker) and it’s going to be too cold, a bit closer (brighter) and it’s too hot. The author is concerned when the balance is upset and tries to adjust it, even if only in a few pictures.

About artist:
Alexander Bondar
1982 born in Lytkarino, Moscow Region.

2008-2010 Faculty of Press Photographers at  Saint Petersburg House
of Journalists
2010-2012 educational programmes and workshops by FotoDepartament
Foundation, Saint Petersburg

2011 Group exhibition “Young Photography 2011, 1/2 . Margin”, Saint Petersburg

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