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Expanding the view. Workshop by Andrea Stultiens

As a part of Dutch Photography Experience project / summer 2013

FotoDepartament presents

the workshop by a Dutch photographer Andrea Stultiens

Expanding the view

26 – 30 June 2013 / 5 days

Participation fee: 200 Euro

The Kaddu Wasswa Archive. 2008-ongoing


Photographs are fluid in meaning. Much of what the image says depends on context. In this workshop we will start from that – and appropriate photographs which participants bring to the workshop. We will use them to develop narratives that reflect on the nature and history of photography while telling contemporary stories in relation to the past shown by the images.

If you are interested in taking part in this workshop you can prepare by looking around for a collection of photographic images to work from. This can be a shoebox in your grand parents house, a collection bought on a flea market, an album that raises questions. It could even be a set of digital images you found online, as long as it is somehow available to you. This collection will be your starting point. We will discuss its possibilities and you will think of ways to reproduce the photographs (if they are part of the physical world), print, edit and contextualize them in such a way that the story told is yours.

This contextualizing can be done in different ways. Only by the edit, by making crops, collages, adding other images that you found elsewhere or made. The result of the workshop is a sequenced set of images in a slideshow or book dummy format.

Workshop program:

Day 1 – 26 June

Getting to know each other through the photographic collections brought in + first brainstorm on their possibilities


Day 2 – 27 June

Developing the concept

Individual work with coaching


Day 3 – 28 June

Morning presentation of my work + in pairs explaining progress

Afternoon, pairs present each other’s work for group + discussion

Evening – public presentation of work/presentation by Andrea at Creative Space TKACHI


Day 4 – 29 June

Developing the work. Individually with coaching


Day 5- 30 June

Morning: finalizing the work

Afternoon: presentations

The Kaddu Wasswa Archive. 2008-ongoing 


Andrea Stultiens / (Roermond, NL, 1974) studied photography at Utrecht School of the Arts (BFA) and Post St. Joost Breda (MFA). She received and MA from the Masters Photographic Studies of Leiden University/Royal Academy of Art and is currently starting up an artistic research PhD as part of Leiden University’s PhDArts program. Not completely comfortable being called a photographer or artist, she rather mentions doing things with photographs. She collects and makes them, thinks about their possible uses in understanding the way we present ourselves and try to represent others, and writes about them. Stultiens published several photobooks dealing with archival images in various ways and exhibits her work internationally.


The workshop lasts for five days, approximately from 10.00 till 18.00 including the lunch time and coffee breaks.

Language of the workshop: English with translation into Russian.

To submit your registration form for the workshop, please, complete it here:

We will contact you as soon as we recieve your submission.

The deadline for international applications is the 25th of May, 2013.


Feel free to ask us any questions about the workshop and other events of the program.

tel.: +7-901-301-7994