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Юлия Борисова / Julia Borissova

Exhibition: Look into it / Gallery Zamoskvorechye, Moscow

Юлия Борисова / Julia Borissova

Юлия Борисова / Julia Borissova

Look into it 

19th March – 21th April

Association «Vystavochnyye zaly Moskvy»
FotoDepartament Foundation
Gallery «Grinberg»
Gallery «Zamoskvorechye»

19 March, Wednesday, 19.30

Exhibition space:

Gallery “Zamoskvorechye”, Serpukhovskiy val, d.24, k.2
+ 7 495-954-30-09

Natalya Baluta / Moscow
Anastasia Bogomolova / Chelyabinsk
Julia Borissova / Petersburg
Aleksandr Verevkin / Petersburg
Nik Degtyarev / Moscow
Alla Mirovskaya / Moscow
Kirill Savchenkov / Moscow
Maria Sakirko / Moscow
Elena Churikova / Moscow
Fedor Shklyaruk / Moscow

Nadya Sheremetova / FotoDepartament

Елена Чурикова / Elena Churikova

Елена Чурикова / Elena Churikova

Last few years contemporary photography has been actively exploring the medium itself, returning a fresh sound to issues of appealing to the origins, nature of images and finding more and more new areas for extension photography knowledge. Principles and strategies of forming a new image and viewers’ vision transformation in the moment of perception of photography becomes a starting point for exploring the exhibition “Look into it”.

What’s about a situation when the object does not exist in reality but the image translates its presence? Photography has the potential to fix an object, phenomenon, thought – something formless. For example, how can you catch the Ether? To observe the movement of stillness? How to materialize the work of memory, reminiscences or process of oblivion? How to visualize or even enter into the field of imagination? How the future time arises in the images, future time, which seems absolutely impossible for the arising on the images? “Look into it” means look into the photography, into more and more complicated theoretical questions, which are asked and achieved today by practitioners – photographers.

All participants of this exhibition are photographers, who studied in educational program FotoDepartament.Institut or were involved in the project “Young Russian Photography”, which FotoDepartament has been done for more than 5 years already.

This project represents team exhibitions (first in St. Petersburg and then in different cities of Russia) of new photography generation, who were chosen by international professional curators on the basis of open submission of works through the website

Project purpose is a research of current state of ideas about photography medium and reflecting contemporary reality, as well as search, promoting and support of young artists, who have chosen photography as main medium.

Press Contacts:

Anna Vankova, +7 (903) 624 40 24,,
(PR Department, association «Vystavochnyye zaly Moskvy»)


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