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Exhibition: Kirill Savchenkov. Avalanche


29 March – 17 April 2014

Opening: 29 March, Saturday, 18.00 / artist-talk will start at 19.00
Place: FotoDepartament / Vosstanya str., 24, space “Fligel”

On openings of exhibitions in FotoDepartament artist-talks are lead regularly. A photographer prepares a speech about his practice, guests think of questions and then all together look for answers on them. For example, how the project appeared, to what extent it is connected with the reality and what the artist feels about the project now. In that way an author returns to analysis of his work again, gets the opportunity to look at it from another point of view and a spectator can deepen in the essence of a project.

Кирилл Савченков / Kirill Savchenkov

Кирилл Савченков / Kirill Savchenkov

“… After some time of exhaustion, it started to let me go. It was in the middle of March, when I had some sort of apathy. By this time, you can say nothing new in talks, you just stay dumbly in front of what happens and all you can do is to make up mind to it and live with it, just like beside a machine which makes everything by its own…”

Kirill Savchenkov

FotoDepartament fund presents an “Avalanche” exhibition, which is a project by Kirill Savchenkov. It includes new video and installation dedicated to a friendship and geopolitics.

The artist works in a subject of post soviet suburbs; he examines modern culture, psychology and experience of suburban. The artist analyses urbanism of suburbs, connections of city space and human mentality, visual stream in social networks and psychological perversions. He fixes the conditions of forming identification of inhabitant of post soviet cities and suburbs itself. The artist traces how modern post internet culture leads to reforming of connections between people in context of highly developed communications and domination of city population; how hierarchical connections of society yield to horizontal connections of communities and subcultures.

Кирилл Савченков / Kirill Savchenkov

Кирилл Савченков / Kirill Savchenkov

About the author:

Kirill Savchenkov was born in 1987 in Moscow. He graduated MOSCOW TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF COMMUNICATIONS AND INFORMATICS in radio physics. In 2009, he attended The Rodchenko Moscow School of photography and multimedia. In 2012, he participated in exhibition with Sasha Kurmaz “THE FRENZIED URGE TO STRUGGLE” (Roman Minaev as key worker) in Paperworks gallery. In 2013 he realized performative excursions in Yasenevo, in the same year he made audio performance and “Anabasis” exhibition in ex-cinema theatre “Hanoy” (key worker Natalia Protasenya).

Also took part in personal and group exhibitions in Random gallery, Artbureau, Fabrica, FotoDepartment etc.

He lives and works in Moscow.

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tel.: +7 (901) 301-7994 /e-mail:

All the works, presented on the exhibition, you can buy in FotoDepartamenet Gallery / +7-901-301-7994

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art-claster “Fligel”
Saint-Petersburg / Russia
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