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Exhibition: Young Russian Photography / Norilsk Arts Gallery, Norilsk

Вик Лащенов. Здравствуйте, я спал с вашей женщиной, давайте сфотографируемся / Vik Lashenov. Hello I slept with your woman, lets take a photo

Вик Лащенов. Здравствуйте, я спал с вашей женщиной, давайте сфотографируемся / Vik Lashenov. Hello I slept with your woman, lets take a photo

Fund “FotoDepartament” / St. Petersburg and “Polar” Photo Festival / Norilsk presents a photo exhibition:

Young Photography

October, 24 – November, 25

Opening reception: October, 24 – 6-7pm
Location: Norilsk Arts Gallery, Norilsk, 78 Talnakhskaya st.

There is exhibition program in the city library (Norilsk, 20A Leninsky pr.):

Nadezjda Sheremetova’s (curator of Young Photography Project) lecture “How To Understand Contemporary Photography?” / October, 25
Portfolio Review with Nadezjda Sheremetova / October, 26

Participants of the “Young Photography” exhibition in Norilsk:

Kseniya Azarenko, Ekaterinburg / Adaptation
Alexandr Verevkin, St. Petersburg / The Dark Side of the Landscape
Tatyana Vinogradova, St. Petersburg /Flashes of the First Eposode
Anastasia Bogomolova, Chelyabinsk / Recall
Nick Degtyarev, Moscow / Do What I Mean
Alyona Zjandarova, Ivanovo / The City of Brides
Feodora Kaplan, Ekaterinburg / Inside of Me And Out of Me
Vladimir Kolbatov, St Petersburg / Let’s Pretend We Don’t Exist
Vik Lashenov, Moscow / Hello, I Slept With Your Woman, Let’s Take A Photo
Maria Sakirko, Moscow / Imaginary Photograph
Igor Samolet, Moscow / Herbarium
Tatyana Palyga, St Petersburg / Colorless Days
Tatyana Plotnikova, St Petersburg / (In) Couple of Lines
Natasha Podunova, Ekaterinburg / The City of My Childhood
Elena Holkina, Moscow / Did We Ever Meet?
Katya Yushkevich, St Petersburg / Scratch it till it bleeds
Fedor Shklyaruk, Moscow / On Ether

FotoDepartament presents 17 photo projects and 12 self-published books of authors from different cities and country regions, who participated in past two “Young Photography” group exhibitions in St Petersburg or exhibited their work in FotoDepartament Gallery.

Books, presented in the exhibition:

Alla Afonina / C14E
Sergej Artemiev / Olympia
Natalia Baluta / After a while
Alexander Bondar / Anyway
Alexandr Verevkin / Cluster E
Anna Vahitova / Marker
Alexander Gorbunov / Practice
Nick Degtyarev / Manual
Tatyana Palyga /  Milk-and-Water
Tatyana Palyga, Alexandr Bondar / Zoo Magazine
Fedor Shklyaruk / New Territory
Ekaterina Yushkevich / Four Letters. First – “L”

Project “Young photography” is a unique program of long-term cooperation of FotoDepartament Foundation with young Russian photographers who chose photography as a medium for their artistic expression and research.

Yearly held exhibition is neither competition nor award, it is a research of a contemporary ideas regarding photography as a medium, as well as a search, show-case and support of young artists. The project was released back in 2009 as an open online competition with international judges and two big exhibitions during the year in St Petersburg. Exhibitiobs always caused a variety of reactions from delightful inspiration and constructive criticism to unreasonable indignation and questions like: “why is it called art if I can do the very same thing?”

Areas and topics authors work with are not limited – Young Photography Project is equally open for documentary and art projects. First of all the project calls for photographers working on the most actual questions, puts the goal to extend the understanding of photography as a contemporary practice and instrument, deconstructing its possibilities and reinventing it.

Катя Юшкевич / Katya Yushkevich

Катя Юшкевич / Katya Yushkevich – is an online platform of the project. It is a simple and a open mechanism that demonstrates works of young photographers to curators.

As a result, 6 years of work in St Petersburg 10 group exhibitions were organized, in which 102 photographers took part from 14 Russian cities: St Petersburg, Moscow, Ekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Ivanovo, Kursk, Krasnoyarsk, Nizjnij Tagil, Voronezj, Krasnodar, Yaroslavl, Novosibirsk, Cheboksary, Tula, etc.

There were exhibitions outside St Petersburg in Tampere, Finland (2011), Krasnoyarsk (2011,2013), Ekaterinburg (2010), Moscow (2009), Syktivkar (2014), Kaliningrad (2013), Krasnodar (2009) and Rostov-on-Don (2014).

Extensive participants’ and photographers’ geography, wishing to take part in the project says about interest in the Young Phtography Project thoughout Russia, therefore FotoDepartament team continues to show YPP group exhibitions outside St Petersburg and Moscow. Recent exhibitions in Syktivkar, Kazan, Krasnoyarsk and Rostov-on-Don show that in each region there are authors and audience wishing to be in the context of contemporary photography in Russia regardless of difficulty in the absence of suitable venues as well as misunderstanding of work by the unprepared audience.