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Exhibition: Fedor Shklyaruk. On Aether

FotoDepartament presents:

Fedor Shklyaruk / Moscow

On Aether

7th March – 16th April’2015

Opening reception: 7th March, 18:00

Location: FotoDepartament, 24 Vosstaniya St. / «Fligel» Creative Space / 1st floor

Entry is free


About project:

The aether is total, but impalpable; it is invisible, but eternal; and finally it carries the light. Ancient philosophers believed that the aether is the fifth element, absolute and divine. Chemical transformations take place due to it and also the sky is such as it is. Because of its nature aether all the time eludes from a observer, it is difficult to identify or measure it. A lot of people in the Middle Ages who have studied natural philosophy trying to liberate aether or quintessence. They left only intricate texts and questionable evidences, so we don’t know exactly what they had. But just one thing – aether is everywhere, in every grain of matter, in every photograph

About photographer:

Born in 1984 in Moscow, USSR. Based in Moscow, Russia.


2015 — «We-ll-timed» group exhibition, IX MOSCOW INTERNATIONAL BIENNALE
2014 — «Young Russian Photography» group exhibition, Norilsk Arts Gallery, Norilsk, Russia
2014 — «We-ll-timed» group exhibition, Month of Photography in Minsk, CECH Gallery, Minsk, Republic of Belarus
2014 — Institute.Production group exhibition, Center of Contemporary Culture SMENA, Kazan, Russia
2014 — «We-ll-timed» group exhibition, FotoDepartament Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia
2014 — «Look into it» group exhibition, Zamoskvoretchye State Exhibition Hall, Moscow, Russia
2013 — «Young Russian Photography 2013 1/2″ group exhibition, FotoDepartament, St. Petersburg, Russia
2013 — «Off the Wall» group exhibition, Taiga space, St. Petersburg, Russia
2012 — «Young Russian Photography 2012 2/2. Reality/Decorations» group exhibition, FotoDepartament, St. Petersburg, Russia
2012 — «Facets of the Big City» group exhibition, Moscow, Russia
2012 — Tushino exhibition center, Moscow, Russia
2009 — «Young photographers of Russia» group exhibition, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia


2013-2014 — Educational program «Photography Post-graduate», FotoDepartament, St. Petersburg, Russia
2014 — Workshop «The Mask: What Is Standing Behind Photography?» by Jaap Scheeren,
FotoDepartament, St. Petersburg, Russia
2013 — Workshop «Off the wall» by Anouk Kruithof, FotoDepartament, St. Petersburg, Russia
2013 — Educational program «Photography as a research», FotoDepartament, St. Petersburg, Russia
2012 — Workshop «Projects and self-publish books» by Morten Andersen
Workshop «Places» by Nicolai Howalt, FotoDepartament, St. Petersburg, Russia
2009 — Graduated from the school of journalism Izvestia, Moscow, Russia

Awards and publications:

2014 — Shortlist Rock Your Dummy Awards
2014 — The Calvert Journal
2014 — ARCHIVO

Informational support: Be-inThe VillageLook at MeART1


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art-claster “Fligel”
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