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Exhibition: Christina Abdeeva. Nocturnes

FotoDepartament presents:

Christina Abdeeva / Moscow-Paris


16th May– 18th June’2015

Opening reception: 16th May, 20:00

Location: FotoDepartament, 24 Vosstaniya St. / «Fligel» Creative Space / 1st floor

Entry is free

«The center is pre-eminently the zone of the sacred, the zone of absolute reality. Similarly, all the other symbols of absolute reality (trees of life and immortality, Fountain of Youth, etc.) are also situated at a center. The road leading to the center is a “difficult road” (durokana), and this is verified at every level of reality: difficult convolutions of a temple (as at Borobudur); pilgrimage to sacred places (Mecca, Hardwar, Jerusalem); danger-ridden voyages of the heroic expeditions in search of the Golden Fleece, the Golden Apples, the Herb of Life; wanderings in labyrinths; difficulties of the seeker for the  road to the self, to the “center” of his being, and so on. The road is arduous, fraught with perils, because it is, in fact, a rite of the passage from the profane to the sacred, from the ephemeral and illusory to reality and eternity, from death to life, from man to the divinity. Attaining the center is equivalent to a consecration, an initiation; yesterday’s profane and illusory existence gives place to a new, to a life that is real, enduring, and effective.»

Mircha Eliade

I began the Nocturnes series while a student at Louis-Lumiere school, having recently arrived in France.

The feeling of isolation which was a natural consequence of a shock once I arrived in the new culture helped me to heighten my sensitivity, both with regards to myself and to my surroundings. In many ways the process of working on Nocturnes resembled the experience of reclusion in which I sought to sublimate my inner dialogue with the new world. In some ways it became an inverted version of my journeys to China and India, where I’ve spent a lot of time during my teenage years.

Nocturnes became a project of contemplation, meditation.

Through making a connection of Europe and Asia (east and west) within myself, I’ve addressed the idea re-sacralisation which opposes the concept of «disenchantment», first introduced by Max Weber. I’m interested in the restitution of sacred symbolism to a reality which surrounds us, in many ways I was inspired by the works of a philosopher-anthropologist Mircea Eliade, his term «Hierophany» refers to a sacralisation of actions, objects. I’m interested in the idea of creating your own inner mythology, personal symbolism.

Working on this serie helped me to understand the value of vulnerability, which can become a driving force on the way of understanding the world that surrounds me  and myself in with more subtility and awareness.

About photographer:

Christina Abdeeva was born in Zlatoust in 1990

Started practicing photography in 2007

2010- 2013 – British Higher School of Art & Design in Moscow

2014-2015 – L’école Nationale Supérieure Louis-Lumière

Currently lives in Paris

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