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Extended memory: Young photography from Russia in Berlin

(c) Anastasia Tailakova

The exhibition of young Russian photographers “Extended memory” will take place in non-commercial gallery aff in Berlin from 13 May to 5 June 2016.

The exhibition presents some of the most important and interesting positions in young Russian photography of today: Egor Rogalev, Anya Schiller, Alexander Sedelnikov, Yulia Spiridonova, Anastasia Tailakova and Irina Yulieva. This is the first notable group exhibition of Russian emerging photographers in Germany.

“The images are characterized by an attempt to encapsulate permanent presence and flashbacks simultaneously. On the one hand we can see the factuality of the photographic medium placed within a framework, and on the other we realize that fragments are woven together manipulatively to become more than the subject matter. The series creates fictional stories with a sense of destiny and real consequence choreographing miracles. The exhibition shows a variety of juxtapositions and different contexts placed together to remember or perhaps to forget things”.

Exhibition is organized in cooperation with FotoDepartament.

aff gallery address: Kochhannstr. 14, 10249 Berlin