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When I appear. Curator vs photographer. Exhibition and discussion program

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The exhibition “When I appear. Curator vs photographer” not only offers the overview of more than 20 Russian photographers from various cities; it is not only an absorbing and complicated photographic work, where photographs made by a creator or borrowed from history, from available or closed sources; but also, it is a program of discussions and issues, which accompany the exhibition.

At Landskrona Foto Festival 2016 in Sweden, Nadya Sheremetova, curator  of the FotoDepartment in Saint Petersburg, had a performance devoted to the curatorial practice and photo book creating. The performance was broadcasted online in order to let people all over the world monitor the book creation. There was a photo book “The title is going to be here” as a result of the performance.

Photographers sent their own works and other photographic material shoot by Russian authors or in Russian settings, and Nadya was looking for the way to compound absolutely unlike authors’ intentions and techniques into the one narrative, which could simultaneously both show visual and issue-related point of the contemporary Russian photography, and became a thesis of the time condition in the certain place. The performance raised the question if it would be possible to have a curatorial practice without an author, because an author defined curator’s interaction with author’s ideas, projects or created images. Moreover, some curator’s duties were delegated to the photographers as they had the absolute liberty of images choice (their own or unfamiliar to them) and even the liberty of choice of the images finding sources.

And now the book content is transferred to the exhibition and it issues new challenge for a curator including the work with gallery space and installation, task to hold down the correlations between images made in the format of book, and attention to the certain photographs or particular sets of pictures as well.

The exhibition opens a question of the curatorial practice as the role of making choice or approving, as the person who creates and shows how both parts of the process depend on each other, and how authors’ duties could be delegated to the curator and vice versa.

Also there is a program of events in the form of the discussion of the curatorial practice, which accompanies the exhibition. From the one hand the curatorial practice seems to be quite widespread, and from the other it doesn’t touch upon all the phenomena of the modern life, especially related to the visual environment, full of photographs and pictures of the unlike nature, and including processes and tasks, which define photographic practice as all-round, “blind” and full of experience as well.

FotoDepartament becomes the venue and offers further possible action for ,at first sight, separate  platforms of the contemporary art and photography, as well as for young curators and artists working with photography and other media, who have had common interests but have not had possibility to make a conversation yet.

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Sergei Artemiev / Petersburg
Ksenia Babushkina / Moscow
Yury Gudkov / Petersburg
Alla Dolgaleva / Moscow
Nick Degtyarev / Moscow
Nina Dudoladova / Petersburg
Irina Zadorozhnaya / Petersburg
Nadia Znamenskaya / Petersburg
Zueva Katerina / Moscow
Irina Ivannikova / Moscow
Kseniya Ivanova / Petersburg
Lyudmila Kalinichenko / Yekaterinburg
Tatiana Kolbatova / Petersburg
Andrew Krasilin / Petersburg
Anna Krylova / Moscow
Eugene Martikainen / Petersburg
Karina Nazarova / Petersburg
Evgeniy Petrachkov / Izhevsk
German Roberg / Petersburg
Anna Sopova / Samara
Denis Tarasov / Petersburg
Elena Chernyak / Paris
Polina Chizhova / Petersburg
Denis Shulepov / Petersburg

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