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Exhibition: Experience of transition

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FotoDepartament presents a new format – an exhibition in both the gallery and digital formats:


28 April – 10 May, 2017

Place: FotoDepartament, 24, Vosstania street / 2nd yard on left side / 1st floor / “Fligel” creative space

Exhibition opening: 28 April, Friday, at 7 PM

There is also online-format of exhibition by this link



Anastasia Bespalova
Katerina Bugrova
Ivan Bubnov
Katya Bykova
Svetlana Verhovetskaya
Natalia Golub
Ludmila Kalinichenko
Irina Len’kova
Anna Prilutskaya
Slava Savchenko
Karina Khorkhodina
Ksenia Shafronenko
Elena Shepilova
Marina Shukurova



Photography is one of the most mobile technologies, and it is organically implanted in the digital environment from the very beginning of its dominance. We used to contrast the real and the virtual, as earlier the body and soul, and then – the mind and feelings. However, modern thought has long ago concluded that the one is only a more complex form of the other.

In physical space, the possibilities of perception are not unlimited – the viewer literally hits the wall. The experiment on the equivalent existence of the exhibition as a single statement in the gallery and in the digital environment, expands (and deepens) the experience. The virtual environment is changeable and malleable, and the viewer is not only able to transform the object of observation – infinitely extracting it from the context and building it into a new one – but also becomes an object himself.

And yet, on the border of two environments, refraction is inevitable, and its nature is not obvious. The transition process gives rise to the experience authors live through, trying to understand how the nature of the statement changes.

But we are concerned not only with the tissue of the image and its metamorphosis in the process of the transmedial transition. The authors through a dialogue about the nature of photography – about its capabilities and weaknesses, paradoxes and patterns, eventually discover its ability to talk about the world.

With the exhibition “Experience of transition” FotoDepartment transforms itself, changing the focus of its work. We ask ourselves – where is today the significant meeting place of the image, those who build and reflect on it and the ones who see it? The exhibition stands for new perspectives that we absorb: this is an investigation that precedes an action or event; born of technology direct contact with the audience; education, not limited to the work of the group; network space as no less significant and productive than the location in which you can come. The exhibition is the last event that FotoDepartment will hold in the gallery in Vosstaniya street, 24. In May the bookstore, the library and the team headquarters can be found in the Taiga space in Palace Embankment, 20.

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Gallery / Foundation FotoDepartament

24, Vosstania street / 2nd yard on left side / 1st floor / “Fligel” space

191014, Saint-Petersburg / Russia
Subway station: Vosstania square / Chernishevskaya

Open everyday 12.00 till 20.00