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FotoDepartament at Art Fair Suomi 2017

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From 25 to 28 May FotoDepartament is taking part in the festival of contemporary art – Art Fair Suomi 2017 in Helsinki

Art Fair Suomi is an international contemporary art festival, gathering every year more than 1000 works of contemporary artists from all over the world – from performance and photography to installations and sound art. The festival involves fair, the participants of which are galleries and independent artists. Besides there are workshops, artist talks, exhibitions tours, live music, performances and other events.

FotoDepartament’s stand presents 12 FotoDepartament.Gallery’s artists and friends: Alexey Bogolepov, Anastasia Tailakova, Andrey Bogush, Kir Esadov, Irina Ivannikova, Alexander Veryovkin, Irina Zadorozhnaia, Jana Romanova, Julia Borissova, Ksenia Yurkova, Yulia Spiridonova and Yury Gudkov.

Art Fair Suomi’s Opening is on Tuesday, 25th May, 6 PM in CABLE FACTORY

28th May from 1 to 3 PM during the festival programme artist and writer Yury Gudkov along with photographers Alexander Veryovkin, Jana Romanova, Ksenia Yurkova, Alexandra Soldatova and Andrey Bogush are holding the discussion “After memory. Extended field of Russian photography”.

Speaking of authors who represent Russian photography in the international arena, it becomes obvious that many of them address the topic of memory openly and directly. Others do not voice this connection literally, but the connection with memory is indirectly caught in their work.
In the field of our interest are those who can be classified as the second type. Although their practice has to do with the material of the past, it creates the feeling that the authors are moving one step ahead, as if they know what will happen next.
Within the framework of the discussion, together with the artists, we want to answer two questions: what was before? And what will be further? In the first part, we will talk about the way their practice relates to the phenomenon of memory. What impact did memory have on them? In the second part we would like to talk about what happens to the memory, what if: the story has already been told; what concerns is already learned; and its once relevant mapping has long been living its own life. What we want to know is what will be ahead. It will be after the memory.

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FotoDepartament is a non-profit platform that represents its own interests being independent in its aims, decisions and choices. Promoting foreign photography practices in Russia as well as promoting Russian photography locally and abroad, FotoDepartament combines the activities of several different initiatives. The Foundation organizes exhibition, educational, informational and other large-scale projects on contemporary photography.

FotoDepartament is based in Saint Petersburg, but work throughout the entire country and world.

FotoDepartament Gallery provides photography as a broad medium with connections and transitions to other forms of representation exploring this field of images with more conceptual and experimental approach.

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