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Egor Shapovalov. Hello, The Faun`s Space

FotoDepartament gallery presents:

Egor Shapovalov / Rostov-on-Don

“Hello, the faun`s space”

28 March – 27 April` 2010

Exhibition opening: 28 March. Sunday /during the day
at the Gallery ‘FotoDepartament’

When I’m asked to tell about what I express by the use of my images, I feel uncomfortable. This feeling is connected with the feeling that the foreign texts translators usually have.
This is the kind of awkwardness, which is connected with presentiment of misrepresentation.

You fill your lungs with air, turn over the set of images in your head and then with a smile begin to talk about one means of expression using another means of expression.

And you smile because you know – you tell it with misrepresentation, but choosing the most democratic manner.
And now with air in my lungs I want to tell about this project organized by me and “FotoDepartament” gallery.

First of all – why is it called “Hello, the faun`s space”:
That title may seem too unceremonious and unserious.  But I guess that it’s easier to begin a dialog, communication between a viewer and an image, if series already welcomes the person who looks at it.

When I think “Hello, the faun`s space” I think it with kindness. And I think it in the way that opens this space especially for me. In roman mythology faun is the god of forests, fields, caves and thickets. He can communicate with a man in dreams and forecast future.  As for me, it’s a beautiful symbol that links me with parallel world. Moreover I feel connection with time-games, because in the same time Faun is a symbol of ancient times.

So for that series I have chosen photos made at nature. I tried to make the model part of the nature. But it’s not the main goal, it’s one of the means.

Atmosphere is what I think about when creating images, inviting models and choosing the place. The atmosphere. What is this and how is it created?  I’m looking through the formulation and don’t find an answer yet. I came closer to understanding what the atmosphere is by expressing it in images. The color was extremely important for me, because just the color helped me to create an atmosphere.
I don’t know whether it is honest and appropriate to tell about the goals of this series. The point is all pictures were made when I was relaxed and wasn’t thinking about anything at all.  All of them were created with the help of deep atmospheric music.

That’s why my logics and reasonableness are not shown in it. I was in a special condition, where “the space of Faun” can be absolutely real. As real as the table I use while writing this text.
The magic part of an image extremely excites me, especially of a photo, because photography is the reflection of reality.  And that fact excites me more! If you are in the right mood while visiting my exposition, “the space of Faun” may open to you too.
Shapovalov Egor
FotoDepartament Gallery – is the unique photography gallery in Saint-Petersburg. First the gallery presents contemporary Russian art and documentary photography. The exhibition program of the gallery includes three directions of work named as three channels of photography – RGB:
Red /Red Light – – the program dedicated to the authors’ techniques of manual print.
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Egor Shapovalov. Biography.

I was born in small town in the cost of Azov Sea called Taganrog in 1988.
My father worked in university and mother used to translate technical texts.
Later in conscious age I understood that it was hard times. But my consciousness doesn’t leave any dark in my mind, I don’t remember difficulties.
First Children garden, then school, I didn’t love neither that nor another.
I was not talkative, during studding  I got “4” and “3”. I didn’t like to do home tasks.  I like to play with play station and watch “Zeena – the queen of warriors”.
At school I used to visit art studio and I was the best in drawing in my notebooks. Even now I use thing I knew in studio.
Later I got in lycée by Taganrog University. Lycée, indeed, influenced my development. Remember I read a lot. In 2005 I moved to Rostov-on-Don and got in technical University.

I was really afraid of this period. Big city, with no friends, everything is new. But nevertheless I  adapt quickly.
I began making photos after my 17th birthday, because my brother presented me a photo camera.
I remember I was impudent and immediately began to shoot strangers on the street too close and without any privet space.
During the time when photo camera is my friend changed a lot.
I decided to develop in art and that decision helps me to be a creator from the very beginning, from my first idea till the end.
Internet extremely helped me to find my own viewers. It has appeared that what I do is interesting for some photo editors and organizers of exhibitions.

Any offer is always welcome and pleasant, as I never call myself professional photographer.
I was learning, looking for my own image and continue to look for it now.  I enjoy creating my pictures.
Egor Shapovalov. He was born in 1988 in Taganrog. Nowadays lives in Rostov-on-Don.
His author’s photo movie “My Saturday” opened the fist project in Russia called “FotoInMotion”, organized by FotoDepartament in Saint-Petersburg in 2008.
He is a participant of modern art exhibition “All that …….” In Taganrog in 2008.
He is a co-author of project book-album “Nilce”.
International exhibition of artists, project REMAKE, gallery M, Rostov-on-Don.
Participant of some regional exhibitions.