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Tatyana Plotnikova. In Few Lines

FotoDepartament Gallery is pleased to present in the new exhibition space the solo exhibition of photographer

(In) Few Lines

15 October – 25 November 2009
Opening: 15 October, 18.00 – 21.00
Place: Gallery “FotoDepartament”

Few lines can hold the full story about.. That is what document photography tells – about place, people, history, insignificant and neglected, about everything that we do not want to see, what happens around and next to us, about daily life as well as unusual lines.

Tatian Plotnikova has been making pictures for around 2 years. They are more often about non-capital Russian cities and towns. Life looks silent and spacious, lighе and unreal, more often – definitely hopeless. One of two stories that you see here is about drug abuse clinic in one of the villages in Saratov Region and it had waited for the publication for more than one year, it seems that Russia is too loaded with the problem of alcogolism that it could talk about this so much nude.

To be there, live in an atomsphere of mix of constraint, agression, dependance, but help and fight till the end. To be, make photos, wait for the right time and perspective of showing the pictures – in September 2009 this story was shown in the Russian Reporter magazine, practically the one and only magazine in our country that could show and understand stories like this one.

Tatiana Plotnikova’s exhibition “(In) few lines” will be the first exhibition in new Gallery “FotoDepartament” and it is the part of Art-Sobes – festival of social art.

Series “Delirium tremens”*
Saratov Region, 2008

This drug addict clinic is one of many that are all around the country. Practically all know who and why is going to get into that, but only few people know what is happening over walls. I thinki that there are not so many such people who did not hear anything about the consequences of alcohol abuse, but possibly that is human nature – “this could happen to anybody but not to me”

One thing is to hear, another is to see what is behind each extra stiffener. What is the price that should be paid.

It’s difficult for me to describe my feelings at the time of photo shooting. Probably the most is extreme compassion and anger because you are not able to change anything. I’ve realized that on my second day there, when it was really hard to look at and the administrator offered me 50 grams of alcohol. I’ve just felt myself joyfull..What can we talk about after this?

* Delirium tremens – phrenoplegia (med.), “blue devils” (convers.)