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New generation. Young eyes of Finnish photojournalism

Loft Project ETAGI, Foundation “FotoDepartament”
with support of General Consulate of Finland and Institute of Finland in Russia
present you the exhibition
New eyes in photojournalism

1st August – 5th September`09

Loft Project ETAGI
Exhibition hall, 2nd floor
Ligovskiy avenue, 74, Saint-Petersburg, Russia





The exhibition is presented in the official program of celebrating 200-years of Finland and Russia collaboration.
Evolution of photography  is measured by alternation of generatons, and each country and region faces uprising of strokes, occurences that show the renewal of visual accents. Curators, unuversity professors or just the active photographers who could see this from the outside – all of them could found new photography styles and schools.

The older generation created a solid foundation for Finnish photojournalism The new band of photographers is carrying on that work. Last year two young photographers Rami Hanafi and Hanna-Kaisa Hämäläinen took a very challenging step by becoming the curators of New Generation exhibition that made sense of 21st century first decade and called young finnish photojournalists together.

The exhibition “New Generation. New eyes in photojournalism” was at first time presented in summer 2008 in Finnish Museum of photography in Helsinki. The second city was Tampere and now it is held in Saint-Petersburg.

It was very important to show the exhibition specifically in Saint-Petersburg that is known for its photojournalism school, tradition that has been supported for more than 50 years by Photofaculty.
Each year more than 100 young photojournalists looking for their place in the world of photography graduate each year from the Photofaculty.  It is essential for young russian photography to have the opportunity to see the works of their generation photographers from other countries.

By showing everyday activities, ways of life or major social phenomena, press photography is constantly reminding us of the past and the present. What does the world look like through the eyes of the new generation of photojournalists?

The exhibition shows the best of the young photographers – 44 of them. A shared feature of the photojournalists in the New Generation exhibition is that they took up this line of work because of its uniqueness. For nearly all of them it is both a profession and a way of life.

Young Eyes in Photojournalism puts the spotlight on photographers under 35, who came onto the scene in the 2000s. The photojournalist’s job is filled with life’s extremes, with dazzling diamonds and stinking sewers – and everything in between. The exhibition includes reportage and individual images, extending from sport and politics to entertainment, from the Iraq War to the night club, from the karaoke bar to Parliament.

Curators of the exhibitionRami Hanafi and Hanna-Kaisa Hämäläinen, who are themselves members of the younger generation of photojournalists.

Participants: Ossi Ahola, Eriika Ahopelto, Antti Aimo-Koivisto, Joonas Brandt, Jenni Gästgivar, Juliana Harkki, Peter Hasselgren, Markus Henttonen, Tatu Hiltunen, Kaapo Kamu, Raisa Kyllikki Karjalainen, Susanna Kekkonen, Sami Kero, Johanna Kokkola, Petri Kovalainen, Teemu Kuusimurto, Rami Lappalainen, Mikko Lehtimäki, Katri Lehtola, Katja Lösönen, Joel Maisalmi, Marjaana Malkamäki, Timo Marttila, Jenni-Justiina Niemi, Jenniina Nummela, Laura Oja, Ville Palonen, Markus Pentikäinen, Heidi Piiroinen, Cata Portin, Jussi Puikkonen, Timo Pyykkö, Mika Ranta, Vesa Ranta, Kaisa Rautaheimo, Jukka Ritola, Aki Roukala, Perttu Saksa, Tiina Somerpuro, Riitta Supperi, Kirsi Tuura, Katja Tähjä, Laura Vesa, Juuso Westerlund.

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Opening of the exhibition NEW GENERATION at Loft Project ETAGI