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2young! exhibition at Winzavod, Moscow

Informational Center/Bureau “FotoDepartament”
Agency “ArtManagement”
WINZAVOD – Moscow Contemporary Art Center

Exhibition of young Russian photorgaphy
11 photographers who participated in the project “Proper Noun” during 2007-2008 years.

April, 7 – 27, 2009

WINZAVOD – Moscow Contemporary Art Center
4-th Syromyatnicheskiy lane, 1, bld. 6, Moscow, Russia

Opening of the exhibition – April, 7 – 7 p.m.
Free entrance
Participents, curators and projects:

Olesya Volkova. Moscow
Exhibition “Cities – roots”/ curator – Alexander Orlov

Mikhail Galustov. Moscow
Exhibition “Caucasus 2005-2008”/ curator – Yuri Kozyrev

Nadia Gorodetskaya. Novosibirsk/Saint-Petersburg
Exhibition “Small Motherland”/ curator – Sergey Maximishin
Anna Maissuk. Saint-Petersburg
Exhibition “Last Summer of childhood”/ curator – Sergey Maximishin

Lena Nasibullina. Saint-Petersburg
Exhibition “Reaction on annoyance”/ curator – Alexander Antipin

Margo Ovcharenko. Krasnodar/Moscow
Exhibition “Without me”/curator – Irina Meglinskaya

Elena Oreshkina. Saint-Petersburg
Exhibition “8 ½ thousands of kilometres and 6 time belts”/ curator – Anna Fedotova

Tatiana Plotnikova. Saint-Petersburg
Exhibition “Balneary”/curator – Solmaz Guseinova

Artem Sokolov. Novaya Ladoga
Exhibition “Time.Motion.Space”/curator – Tatiana Churova

Maksim Sher. Saint-Petersburg
Exhibition ”Kronshtadt. Dreams about something more”/curator – Igor Starkov

Julia Jusma. Saint-Petersburg
Exhibition “Artificia age”/ curator – Kirill Shamanov

More information about exhibition and photoes by participants –

From April, 7 to April, 27, 2009 Informational Center/Bureau “FotoDepartament” (Saint-Petersburg) and Agency “ArtManagement” present in Moscow Contemporary Art Center WINZAVOD exhibition “2young!” – best personal projects of youn photographers, participants of 2-years project of support of young photography “Proper Noun”.

27 personal exhibitions of new emerging authours, whose curators were famous professionals in Russian photography and art-sphere, were shown by “FotoDepartament” during 2007 – 2008 in small exhibition hall of Cultural Art and Information Center in the very heart of Saint-Petersburg on Nevsky, 20.

2 years of the project in the resut of which we can surely say that new names in contemporary russin photography were opened. Small personal exhibition became the first for many participants and became very important for future growth in all spheres – photojournalism, art- and magazine photography. The goal of the project “Proper Noun” is to help young photographers find their own voice. Every mini-exhibition has it’s 2 heroes – young author and curator – famous photographer, artist, photoeditor or gallerist.

“2young!” can mean “too young” as well as 2 years of work with young photographers, 2 years of the project “Proper Noun”. That’s true, some spectators, especcially mature photographers can see young upstarters as immature and not worthy media attention, exhibition in the central gallery in Saint-Petersburg and, the most important, confidence in their success and talent.

In April, 2009 “FotoDepartament” launch separate web-site –, which will bacome a continuation of the project of support and developing of young russian photography and which represents open for all authors from all regions of Russia way to show to the curators their works. With the help of the web-site you can proceed with an application on participating in the project. Special curators, including foreign photographers and specialists will evaluate the works. Everys year 2 seasons of the project will be held, the result of each season will be choise of 5-7 participants, whose personal exhibitions will be shown in gallery on Nevsky, 20 in Saint-Petersburg. FotoDepartament open for collaboration in this project with international photography institutions, galleries, curators, photographers and other experts in contemporary photography.

In the sphere of interests of “FotoDepartament” are any aspects of photographic activity, actual and professional or tending to become such. Important part of  function is developing of the project which should find new generation of russian photography, new perspective photographers, help them in selfdetermination and presents of their works, ideas, creativity to spectators in Russia and the whole world.

More information about project “Proper Noun”:

Informational Centre/Bureau FotoDepartament
20, Nevskiy st., Saint-Petersburg, Russia,
+7-901-301-7994 / phone/fax: +7 (812) 571 1009

Agency “ArtManagement”
9/13, 1-st Yamskogo Polia st, Moscow, Russia
+7 (499) 502-33-03

4-th Syromyatnicheskiy lane, 1, bld. 6, Moscow, Russia
+7 (495) 917 46 46