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Young Russian Photography 2008

Foundation FotoDepartament presents

/13 young photographers-participants of “Proper noun”- 2008 exhibition project

7 – 18 January 2009

Central exhibition hall MANEZH
Isakievskaya square, 1, St. Petersburg, Russia

Opening – January 7 at 4 pm

Exhibition is opened daily from 11.00 to 19.00

Participants of the exhibition, curators and projects:

Elena Mikhnovskaya, St-Petersburg
Exhibition “Woman alphabet” / Curator – photographer Alexander Nikiporets

Yaroslav Skachkov, St-Petersburg
Exhibition “Form of life” / Curator – photographer Pavel Markin

Alexander Lavrentyev, St-Petersburg
Exhibition “Geometry of shadow” / Curator – art critic Liza Savina

Olesya Volkova, Moscow
Exhibition “Towns-roads” / Curator – photographer Alexander Orlov

Maxim Sher, St-Petersburg
Exhibition “Kronshtadt. Dreams about something greater”. / Curator – photographer Igor Starkov

Maria Migal, St-Petersburg
Exhibition “When we breath” / Curator – photographer Igor Lebedev

Elena Oreshkina, St-Petersburg
Exhibition “8 ½ thousands of kilometers and 6 time zones” / Curator – photoeditor Anna Fedotova

Nadia Gorodetskaya, Novosibirsk/St-Petersburg
Exhibition “Malaya Rodina” / Curator – photographer Sergey Maksimishin

Artem Sokolov, Novaya Ladoga
Exhibition “Time. Movement. Space.” / Curator – photographer, photography teacher Tatyana Churova

Mikhail Galustov, Moscow
Exhibition “the Caucasus. 2005-2008” / Curator – photo journalist Yuri Kozirev

Irina Popova, St-Petersburg/Moscow
Exhibition “Different family” / Curator photo journalist Oleg Klimov

Yulia Yousma, St-Petersburg
Exhibition “Artificial age” / Curator – media artist Kirill Shamanov

Margo Ovcharenko, Krasnodar/Moscow
Exhibition “Without me” / Curator – galerist Irina Meglinskaya

7th through 18th January 2009 Foundation FotoDepartament presents the exhibition “Young Russian Photography/2008” within the 16th annual exhibition “Petersburg – 2008”. Second time in the Central exhibition hall Manezh it is shown series of photography of all young photographers who participated in the second season of the project “Proper noun”. During the year 2008 FotoDepartament presented 13 personal exhibitions of young photographers. As curators performed famous professionals of Russian art field and photography. Project “Proper noun” aims to help young photographers to find their own voice. Every exhibition has two actors – young artist and curator – famous photographer, artist, photo editor or galerist.

To find and show perspective photographers is part of FotoDepartament work. Next phase within the project is the collaboration between young artist and famous one who finds a new name during the teaching, portfolio review or in Internet. This collaboration is absolutely unselfish.

Important characteristic of the project “Proper Noun” is that the personal exhibition – first for most of young photographers – becomes just a beginning of the collaboration with young artist. As he gets different possibilities for the further growth: participation in the other projects of FotoDepartament, group exhibitions and festivals, possibilities to work with Russian and foreign editions, publications in the albums and magazines, establishment of the useful professional contacts.
About project “Proper Noun” 2007
Organized by:

Foundation FotoDepartament
St-Petersburg, Nevsky pr., 40-42
+7 921 3743384 / 5711009

Central exhibition hall Manezh
Isakievskaya square, 1
phone: 571-4157 /
Cultural center of art and music of V.V. Mayakovsky library
Nevsky pr., 20