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Sergey Scherbakov. Contacts

FotoDepartament Gallery



15th of April through 20th of May
Main exibition hall, first floor
Art and Music Center / 20 Nevskiy prospekt
“CONTACTS” is design demonstration and combination of traditional photo technologies and modern ways of proceeding and presenting of the exhibitions.

Contacts with inward. Contacts as figurative technique. Contacts as documentation. Image as it is. The integrity of film with image. Faces. But same time fixation of something else. Time and culture projections. Something living inside… Facets, contacts with mystery. The mystery which we are used to identify as our inner Self. And still in some moments we see the difference between that mystery and our inner Self.

One chair. One wall. One condition – to sit, to relax, to make yourself comfortable for quite long time and to concentrate on the crown of your head..

Sergey Scherbakov

Contacts of face and body.

For the exibition of Sergey Scherbakov. (The extract from the article).

Irina Chmireva

Photographer was curious what is shown through model’s faces when you observe them for a very long time. Model looks closely at the interior of the white room where she is positioned on. The opposite wall, the photographer, might be the door get to her field of vision. The photographer observes the model. The situation of the artist and model is shown by photography means. And this is photography which dominates the situation and the model and the photographer. As the instruction of the experiment sets there is no connection between the artist and the model. The model retired into her shell. Artist can not reach her. He can only observe.