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Young russian photography – 2007

FotoDepartament Information Center/Bureau

And V. Mayakovksy Library Art and Music Center / Nevsky prospect, 20

Present exhibition project


/ 14 young photographers, participants of Proper Noun-2007 exhibition project

January 7 – 24, 2008

MANEZH Central Exhibition Hall

Isaakievskaya square, 1

Exhibition opening – January 7 at 4 PM

Participating artists:

Kirill Arseniev, Andrey Bogush, Ekaterina Zimina, Yuri Ivaschenko, Tatiana Korol, Peter Lovygin, Anna Matsyuk, Sergey Misenko, Lena Nasibullina, Alisa Nikulina, Tatiana Plotnikova, Ekaterina Sytnik, Peter Titarenko, Dasha Yastrebova

Curators of young photographers’ projects: Alexander Antipin, Solmaz Guseynova, Alexander Kitaev, Oleg Klimov, Igor Lebedev, Sergey Maksimishin, Irina Meglinskaya, Asya Nemchenok, Vladimir Nikitin, Elena Skibitskaya, Andrey Chezhin, Irina Chmyreva, Nadya Sherie.

The program of the exhibit on January 20 in Manezh Exhibition hall will include the portfolio review  of young photographers by a group “COOPERATION?” including experts of photography, galleries, design and advertisement.

From 7 through 24 of January of 2008 FotoDepartament Information Center/Bureau shall present under the15th anniversary exhibit of the new works by young
St. Petersburg photographers ALL ST. PETERSBURG 2007, a new large-scale photography exhibition YOUNG RUSSIAN PHOTOGRAPHY/2007.  The exhibition will include the series of all participants of the first season of the Proper Noun exhibition project.
14 personal exhibits of young authors presented by the well-known and recognized masters of Russian photography have been exhibited by FotoDepartament in the course of 2007 at the exhibition hall on Nevsky, 20; in January 2008 these works will be presented all together in a single exhibition space.

The purpose of the Proper Noun project is to help the young authors to gain their own voice in photography. The names of the upcoming photographers are presented by well-known art figures – photographers, art critics, designers – taking the curator’s roles upon themselves.

Discovering promising authors is a part of FotoDepartament work. The next stage in the Proper Noun project is the collaboration of a young author with an established master, which due to this or that reason found something in common in their art. Such collaboration is totally selfless. The important feature of the Proper Noun project is that this personal exhibit is the very first one for may authors, and it becomes a first step in working with a young author, who receives various possibilities for his or her subsequent development: participation in other FotoDepartment projects, large-scale group exhibits and festivals, possibility of working with Russian and foreign publications; being published in magazines and albums, networking.

The choice of authors is sometimes made by the curators themselves, without help of Fotodepartament, and the task of the curator is to give a new photographer a credit, to include the new name in the proper context, to put down the perspectives. Whether the credit will prove itself earned – is a matter of a young author and his or her good luck or chance. But those few works which made up a personal exhibit already have a patent of quality thanks to the curator’s name. Each exhibit is announced in major periodic publications and internet resources.

Fotodepartament is interested in photographic activity in all its forms, actualized professional as well as potential. This is why the Proper Noun project, which is continuing on to its second season in 2008 is directed towards discovering young promising photographers, and the FotoDepartment activity is focused on helping them with finding their way and presenting their works, ideas and art to domestic and international audience.