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Saint-Petersburg by Students Eyes

Independent curatos: Alexey Tsarev and Solmaz Guseynova,
in cooperation with Karl Bulla Historical Photogrpahy Foundation
technical support provided by EPSON
information support by PhotoDepartment Information Center
proudly present a photography exhibit

February 21 – March 18, 2007

Please join us at the exhibition hall of Karl Bulla Museum of Photography at: Nevsky pr., 54, 6th floor Opening receptionwill be held on February 21 at 18.30

Curators: Alexey Tsarev and Solmaz Guseynova

The exhibit St. Peterburg through Students’ Eyes represents the students’ outlook on the city in which they live and study, the lives of its’ residents, themselves, events that happen in St. Petersburg of today.
This is the first photo project in St. Petersburg representing amateur  photography of high artistic and technical level. Students of many St. Petersburg colleges participated in the exhibit.

The exhibit St. Peterburg through Students’ Eyes has been initiated by the Student Council of St. Petersburg of the Youth Policies Committee of St. Petersburg city government in November of 2006. The invited curators of the project: Alexey Tsarev and Solmaz Guseynova. On November 17, 2006, the Students’ Day, one-day exhibit has been inaugurated in the Column Hall of Railway Engineering University, presenting 40 works of 13 authors – the students of St. Petersburg colleges. The exhibit received lots of positive feedback from both the audience and the participants. So the curators decided to continue the project.

The exhibit you are about to see is a new project, gathering the best works from the November exhibit and the works of new participants, for many of whom this exhibit is their very first.
The new show presents 80 works by 32 authors – Russian and foreign students.
Overall, the project has received over 1700 works from 56 authors.

Authors: Timur Akhmedov, Natalia Balchunaite, Dmitry Barsov, Tatiana Veselova, Vyacheslav Gorbunov, Nurbek Zulkaynarov, Ekaterina Kara, Anna Kirillova, Zhuyzyiao Li, Wan Lu, Philipp Lukmanov, Anastasia Lyscheva, Sin Chzhe Min, Ilz Me4, Sergey Misenko, Mikhail Mokrushin, Dmitry Muravyov, Maya Nasirova, Konstantin Novikov, Mikhail Ognev, Dmitry Paschenko,  Tatiana Plotnikova, Ekaterina Roshet, Ramina Sarsania, Tan Syun, Ekaterina Filippova, Anton Khlabov, Anna Schiller, Anton Yulikov, Elmir, Daria Yarmak and an anonymous author.

THE WORKS HAVE BEEN PRINTED ON EPSON Stylus Pro 9800. On the opening day, the guests will have the opportunity to print their works on Epson equipment.
The exhibit is held in the exhibition hall of karl Bulla Historical Photography Foundation, in the oldest photo studio in Russia.
NEVSKY PR. 54, 6th floor

Alexey Tsarev:
Solmaz Guseynova: