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2007_The Wardrobe of One Lady

The Wardrobe of One Lady
Photo exhibition

January 7 – January 24, 2007

CEH Manege, Saint-Petersburg, Isaakievskaya sq. 1

Curators: Yulia Demidenko, Olga Korsunova
At the heart of the exhibition The Wardrobe of On Lady lies the authentic lady’s wardrobe, which belonged to the native of Petersburg. The variety of garments – from underwear to hats, gloves and coats of the time period 1930-1970 – reflects/represents not only the time period but also the style and taste of decades, but also the personal taste, lifestyle and passions of the owner, who was a University’ tutor.

This collection of authentic garments was handed to disposal of Petersburg’ s photographers – beginners and acknowledged masters, such as: Elena Agafonova, Ludmila Grigoryeva, Alexander Kitaev, Jury Molodkovets, Ludmila Tabolina, Stanislav Chabutkin, Andrey Chegin etc.

Each of them had organized a photo shoot, without any help of stylists, make-up artists or directors – who are, the permanent participants in the fashion photography process. Thus, each Author could represent its own unique vision of things, history and woman. Some works expose the collector’s affection to the objects. Other had performed the sentimental trip to the past, by finding its marks in the old ladders and even central streets in a May-day. The thirds discovered the secret life of things. The fourths had immersed in a long-gone epoch. For the fifths, another’s thing had became just a reason to represent a beauty of the world. Finally, for the sixths, the detail of antique wardrobe became a precious art-object.

The exhibition represents not only the artistic individuality, but also the different genres of fashion photography: a portrait, a story, a still-life, etc… – the different methods of work. At the same time, the photographs reflect the personality of the owner of the wardrobe and the whole epoch of Russian history. Different forms, different destinies, and constantly repeating garments arouse a sense of respect to the almost gone age, when things lived considerably longer then its owners.

The photographs in the exposition are digital reproduction of the works of the authors – black and white manual prints and color prints (made from films or retouched digital files).

Elena Agafonova, Kirill Arsenyaev, Lilia Bichurina, Nikolay Buyanov, Gennady Golovin, Anastasia Gordeeva, Julia Grebneva, Ludmila Grigoryeva, Elena Dyakova, Evgeny Julkov, Natalya Zaharova, Tatyana Korol, Viktoria Kitaeva, Alexandr Kitaev, Irina Kovalchuk, Polina Melnik, Ekaterina Mnatsakanyan, Yury Molodkovets, Elena Palme, Nadejda Pisareva, Andrey Polushkin, Alexandr Rumyantsev, Natalya Sizova, Alexandr Smirnov, Vitaliy Smirnov, Vladimir Chernetsky, Stanislav Chabutkin, Andrey Chegin, Rodion Ugra.