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Young photography 2010 1/2. Call for applications

Foundation of informational and cultural projects “FotoDepartament” announces the open call for personal series/projects by young photographers to participate in the exhibition of the first season 2010 of the “Young Photography” project – project supporting and developing the young Russian photography.

“Young Photography” project 2010
Organized by: Foundation of informational and cultural projects “FotoDepartament”
BIKCIM Library of V.V. Maykovskogo/Centre of art and music on Nevsky, 20

The project is supported by the Culture Commitee, Saint Petersburg

Exhibition partner: “Yarkiy mir”/

Since 2007 “FotoDepartament” is carrying on its program of support and development of young Russian photographers. The program includes the exhibitions of the “Proper name’ project held in 2007 and 2008, where the young photographers were presented by well-known curators. From 2009 the program is held as an online-project inviting international curators and having two large exhibitions a year as a result of two seasons of personal projects selection.

The “Young Photography” project is not a photography contest or any kind of award – it is a project of long-term cooperation between “FotoDepartament” Foundation and talented Russian photographers, who are represented by “FotoDepartament” on local and international festivals and exhibitions. The Foundation also tries to help the photographers to find some financial support for their projects, apply for international contests, grants, residencies etc.

The first season exhibition in 2010 will be held in July-August 2010 in the Big exhibition hall of the Centre of art and music in the Library of V.V. Maykovskogo on Nevsky, 20.

This season the exhibition goes under the title “SOMETHING STRANGE”.
This subject should not be understood only as the presence of a conflict, opposition of phenomena, of white and black. It is more likely about a sense that is caught between the lines, a sense of uncertainty, tension, question, silence, ringing in the air, revelation or a scream of some single person at the moment when everybody else heard nothing. Presentiment of changes and growth can be expressed by the photographers either through the sphere of personal impression, or throught the widest circle of subjects, including social and political.

Official site of the project:
Only online applications can participate in the project.

Curators 2010 1/2 Summer

Andy Adams, publisher of Flak Photo – contemporary photography website,
Irina Meglinskaya, galerist, curator, owner of the “Meglinskaya” gallery, Moscow
Emily Newman, curator, creative director of the Open Studio, Smolny Institute of fine art and science (Saint Petersburg), Helsinki, Finland
Ulrich Haas, curator of the Backlight festival, Tampere, Finland,
Nadya Sherye, photography critic, curator, Saint Petersburg

The call is opened for young photographers from all the regions in Russia. The age limit is 36 years. Personal series and projects, developed during the last two years and finished by this year are accepted to participate in the call.

Both art photography and documentary projects are accepted.

We do not accept commercial and advertising style photos, commercial studio shootings, reportages from one event, single photos not linked with one whole idea.

How to apply

To apply for the project, please fill in the form here or on the site

The form should be filled in both in Russian and in English. All the points in the form should be filled in.

The full application includes:
1. Properly filled in online form;
2. Digital series, prepared and sent according to the requirements mentioned further.

Technical requests:
– Only jpeg-format files,resolution 72 dpi, max preview size – 800 pix on thw ide side. When sending the files, please do not archivate them.;
– The files should be named in latin and include the name of the author;
– Powerpoint presentations and slide-shows in other fromats are not accepted;
– Hand-print photos should be scanned and sent in JPEG format, in the size and resolution mentioned above;
– The series should not include less than 12 and not more than 20 photos;

The applications are only received online through oue email:
In the letter subject please mention your name and last name and the title: Application on YOUNG PHOTOGRAPHY project.

Only the author, or the group of authors who made the images has the right to participate in the project. Authors’ rights are kept after the authors.

Those photographers, who already participated in the project previously, have the right to apply once again any season on the same rights as everyone, with their new project.

The curators preserve the right to refuse the author in participation in the project if the application fails to comply with the requests. They also have the right not to comment on their decision.

The participation in the project is free.

Deadline: 13 June 2010
The information on the final participants can be found on the site June 22 2010

Gallery/Bureau FotoDepartament, 32 Nevsky pr.

+7(812) 315-4584
Project curator: Nadezhda Sheremetova /