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Young photography 2010 1/2. Something strange


The Foundation of informational and cultural programs “FotoDepartament”
with support of Committee for Culture of Saint-Petersburg
and BIKCIM Library of V.V. Maykovskiy /Centre of art and music on Nevsky pr., 20

The first season exhibition of 2010 of the program of supporting and development of young Russian photographers

Something strange

17 of August – 8 of September 2010

Big exhibition hall of BIKCIM Library of V.V. Maykovskiy/
Centre of art and music on Nevsky pr., 20

Official opening: Tuesday, 17 of August at 18.00
Project is running under official support of  Committee for Culture of Saint-Petersburg

Official partner of exhibition: “Jarkiy mir” company /
The whole exhibition will be printed in Photocenter «Yarkiy Mir Pro» / pr. Stacheck, 5
Exhibition participants:

Petr Lovigin / Moscow  / project “My Luois is not Coming Back to Me”
Sergey Lutsenko / Krasnodar / project “New Kind”
Anastasiya Markelova / Moscow / project “Ideals”
Nikita Pirogov / Saint-Petersburg / project “In a Prefect Room”
Jana Romanova / Saint-Petersburg / project “Heroic Heroes”
Anastasiya Tailakova /Saint-Petersburg / project “Break the Fragile”
Viktor Yuliev / Saint-Petersburg / project “Factory Poker”
Oksana Yushko / Moscow / project “Kenozero Dreams”
Tatyana Zommer / Moscow / project “What Do You See in Me?”
The FotoDepartament Foundation is holding “Young Photography” project in a format of opened admission of applications for participation in two collective exhibitions in a year. The jury is international and consists of famous curators from different countries. For the first 2010 season exhibition there were more than 350 applications from all over Russia from Far East to Krasnodar. As usual the most active cities are Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Krasnodar, Novosibirsk, Cheboksary, Barnaul, Ekaterinburg, Perm, ect.

As a result of preliminary choice there were 240 participants selected for the international jury, and as a result of its work a short-list of 18 projects gained a lot of votes appeared, but still there were no leaders. In fact there were less leaders than necessary, and in order to set up the final list of participants a second term of voting was held. 9 photographers were chosen from the short-list for the summer exhibition of Young Photography.

From our point of view the theme itself – “Something strange” – influenced the process of choosing and selecting, which was very difficult, long-drawn and absolutely unpredictable, just because there can be no similar thoughts in heads of every curator, each of them has their own point of view on what kind of photography is interesting now, what can be considered a new language or new theme and as a matter of fact – what themes are important for Russia. So it seems that if final participants got their votes from jury it means these works are really important.

There are several photographers who already took part in Young Photography exhibitions and their names are known in Russian photography. But according to the rules of competition all of them take part in this exhibition with new works and this is a best prove of their active position in photography, permanent work, investigation, need to communicate through photography.
So in this summer exhibition we can see Petr Lovigin, whos personal exhibitions – after being part of Fotodepartament’s “Proper noun” project in 2007 – were held on festivals “Photobiennale” in Moscow and several other countries, photographer from Krasnodar Sergey Lutsenko, whos personal exhibition was in project “Start” on “Winzavod” in Moscow, and also participants of last year winter exhibition Jana Romanova and Anastasiya Markelova.

The theme of the first season 2010 exhibition is “Young Photography. Something Strange” and it was read by the organizers as some condition which can be understood behind the lines, can be felt, in which there is some understatement, question, silence, revelation or scream that somebody pronounced, while others considered everything is usual and normal. Feeling of something different, new, some change will be in photographs both in a private sphere and through social questions.

Curators of summer season 2010 1/2:
Andy Adams
, creator and chief editor of Flack Photo website, USA
Ulrich Haas, curator of Backlight photography festival, Tampere / /,
Irina Meglinskaya, gallerist, curator and owner of “Meglinskaya gallery”, Russia, Moscow
Emily Newman, curator, creative director of the Opened Studio, Smolny Institute of Free Art and Science (Saint-Petersburg), Helsinki, Finland
Nadya Sherye, photography critic, curator, Saint-Petersburg.

Official website

About project:
Project “Young photography” is a unique program of long-term cooperation of FotoDepartament Foundation with young Russian photographers for who consider photography non-separate part of their lifes.

Since 2007 FotoDepartament has been holding a program of supporting and development of young Russian photographers. The program includes exhibitions of “Proper Noun” project, in which young photographers are presented by famous curators. Since 2009 the program exists in format of opened on-line project with international curators taking part and two big exhibitions are shown in a year as a result of two seasons of curator`s choice.

More information and images for mass-media:

Organizer of the project:
The Foundation of informational and cultural programs “FotoDepartament”
Saint-Petersburg, Nevsky pr., 32, tel/fax +7(812) 315-5925
Coordinator of the project: Nadya Sheremetova/