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Roman Drits. Auftakt

“FotoDepartament” Gallery presents an exhibition according to its program for young photographers “Green”:

Roman Drits / Riga

11 September – 15 October 2010

Opening: 11 September / during the day
Place: “FotoDepartament” Gallery
“Auftakt” is the upward stroke made by conductor, a gesture, that comes in the moment when music does not begin to sound yet. It’s a gesture made in silence, but combining full information about time of performance, tempo and semantic fullness of music, it’s stroke and character of the sound.

Auftakt is the instantly disappearing fragment of time that always dissolves in it’s own obvious ephemerality. A moment that exist invisibly at our life and in one time includes in itself the paradoxical opposite feelings. Silence and calmness that can be felt in one second before the storm comprises the great anxiety. The “Decisive moment” is preceded by the “indecisive” moment, and this moment interlaces the senses of cold and warmth, pleasures and melancholies, human happiness and presentiment of loneliness. These senses are presented in everything that can be snatched out from this world and transferred to the “other world” using the means of photography, the atmospheric world, which reality, nevertheless, is imperceptibly connected with the present.

The context of time and locations in this project is important, but not on a first place – it’s not just the set of visions, but their irrational expression sates every photo with especial atmosphere.

Roman Drits

All photographs were taken in Riga and Latvia during 2005-2010 using the analogue technic of 35 mm and 120 mm, and also the mobile’s phone camera. The prints are in black-and-white.

Roman Drits
Born in Riga, Latvia, 1986.
In photography – since 2004.

2010. Noor-Nikon Masterclass in Documentary Photography (masters: Nina Berman, Yuri Kozyrev, Jan Grarup), Saint Petersburg, Russia.
2008.BA in Advertisement and public relationship, SPPA, Riga, Latvia.

2010. Kaunas Photo Star Night of Photography. Projection of selected 50 photographers’ works, Kaunas, Lithuania.
2010. “Trainspotting”, Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, Australia.
2010. “Traditions and Modernity”, Baku Art Center, Baku, Azerbaijan.
2009. “Rudens 2009”, Laimīgās Mākslas muzejs, Riga, Latvia.
2009. “Graduates”, urban environment, Cesis Art Festival, Cesis, Latvia.
2009. III Baltic Photobiennale, Kaliningrad, Russia.
2008. “100”, St. Peter’s Church, Riga, Latvia.

2010. III International Photo Competition Baku 2009, 2nd place + Gallery “Humay” award.

Since 2007 – Member of Latvian Photoartists Union “FIAP”.
FotoDepartament Gallery – is the unique photography gallery in Saint-Petersburg. First the gallery presents contemporary Russian art and documentary photography. The exhibition program of the gallery includes three directions of work named as three channels of photography – RGB:
Red /Red Light – – the program dedicated to the authors’ techniques of manual print.
Green  – program of emerging photographers exhibitions.
Blue – series of exhibitions by well-known and experienced Russian and foreign photographers.

For press:
Tel. +7 (901) 301-7994

All photographs are available for purchase. Please, contact FotoDepartament Gallery, Nadya Sheremetova  / +7-901-301-7994

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