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Young russian photography 2010 2/2. Call for enters

The fund of information and cultural programs “Photodepartment” announses the open reception of personal projects of emerging photographers for participation in an exhibition of the second season of 2010 of «Young Russian Photography» – the project of supporting young Russian photographers.

«Young Russian Photography» 2010 2/2

Organizers of the project:
– The fund of information and cultural programs “Photodepartment”
– The center of art and music of Majakovsky Library / Nevsky Pr., 20

The project is supported by St.-Petersburg Committee of culture.

Partner of the project – the сompany «Bright World» /
The exhibition will be printed in the photocenter «Bright World Pro» / Pr. Strikes, 5.

The project of supporting young Russian photographers was opened in “FotoDepartament” in 2007. In 2007 and 2008 “FotoDepartament” organized  two exhibitions of the project “Proper Name”:  well-known curators represented young photographers. The project «Young Photography» is going on. Now – as an open online-project with participation an international curators and presentation two exhibitions in a year on results of two selection personal photoprojects.

The project “Young Russian photography” is not a competition or an award, it is a resurch of contemporary emerging photography, search, demonstration and support of young Russian photographers. The project includes not only exhibitions, but also educational programs – international summer seminars, separate seminars, practical training sessions, portfolio-reviews. Participation in these events helps young authors find thier own language in photography, identify thier purposes and issues, understand a photo, in which they wish to be engaged, deeply.  Exhibitions is only the first step for photographers to display their work, next steps should be more serious: participation in international competitions, awards, festivals, exhibitions, offline and online-projects. Russian young photographers also take part in FotoDepartament`s project «Young Russian Photography» and other photographic events.

The exhibition of the second season of the project «Young Russian Photography» 2010 2/2 will take place December, 3rd 2010 – January, 10th, 2011 in the Big exhibit hall of the Center of art and music of Majakovsky Library / Nevsky Pr., 20.

Theme of the exhibition – TIME

Any space of time is unique. Only when you start looking back, you see the outgoing phenomena, or something already lost. The photo is a medium: time could remain and be shown in it in all force. The photographer could keep something, if he has time to realize, investigate and photograph. In this season of “Young Russian Photography” exhibition we would like to see projects, in which time is a projection of the past, present or even the future. We would like to see, how the modern generation defines itself, environment, daily life, society, relations between people, communities, cities, the country as a whole. Does young generation feel the present? What do photographers think about inner and external changes? We could also consider time from the side of researching today.

Official site of the project –
Supply of application forms for participation in exhibitions and selection of projects by curators is carried out online.

CURATORS of the EXHIBITION 2010 2/2. Winter
– Ekaterina Kondranina, curator of exhibitions, Moscow house of photography (Moscow)
– Andrey Polikanov, director of photoservice of magazine “Russian Reporter” (Moscow)
– Ulrich Haas, curator of photo-festival Backlight (Tampere, Finland) /
– Nadya Sheremetova, photocritic, curator (St.-Petersburg)
Vanessa Winship, photographer, Great Britain

Participation in the project is opened for young photographers under 36 years old from all regions of Russia. Personal photostories and projects, on which authors worked within two last years and have finished to a present moment, are accepted.

Projects, that could be allowed to participate in «Young Russian Photography»:
– art-photography
– documentary photography
– projects created with use of various media, on the basis of a photo (multimedia, foto in motion).

Projects, that could not be allowed to participate in «Young Russian Photography»:
– commercial and advertising photo
– studio contract photo
– photostories from one event
– photostories and separate photos, which haven’t got general idea.

Each participant can submit up to 3 photostories.

Participation in the project «Young Russian Photography» is free.

Deadline for applications – November, 14th, 2010 (inclusive).

Information about participants of an exhibition will appear on sites and till November, 25th, 2010.