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International Summer Photo Workshop ‘2010 “Ways Of Photography”

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International Summer Photo Workshop ‘2010

“Ways Of Photography”

Saint-Petersburg, Russia

June 27th – July 4th 2010

Organized by:  Foundation of Informational and Cultural Projects “FotoDepartament” and Library Informational and Cultural Center of Art and Music at Mayakovsky City Public Library /Nevsky, 20/

Exhibition partners:
The State Museum of the History of St.-Petersburg, Rumyantsev Mansion Museum, Mayakovsky Library Art and Music Center/Saint-Petersburg, Fotodepartament Gallery/Nevsky, 32

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Foundation of Informational and Cultural Projects “FotoDepartament” with the support of Mayakovsky Library Art and Music Center/Nevsky, 20/ now for the sixth time is holding one of the central events in photograpic education in Russia – the International Summer Photoworkshop ‘2010 with the main theme titled as “Ways Of Photography”.

International Summer Photoworkshop ‘2010 “Ways Of Photography” includes:

– a number of workshops by world infamous photographers, members ofVU’ Agence and Gallery Vanessa Winship (UK), Pieter Ten Hoopen(Netherlands-Sweden), Michael Ackerman (USA-Germany);

– workshops dedicated to rare techniques of manual printing conducted by russian photographers Alexander Kitaev (Sant-Petersburg), Alexey Alexeev (Sant-Petersburg) and Dmitry Rubinstein(Moscow);

– one day workshops with leading russian photoeditors, curators and photographers – Olesya Emelyanova (Russian Newsweek), Anna Zekria (Agency, Oleg Klimov (photographer, curator of “Documentary Photography” programme at Rodchenko Photography and Multimedia School), Ekaterina Kondranina (Moskow House of Photography), Igor Lebedev photographer, Hermitage Educational Center), Irina Chmyreva (freelance curator, photocritic);

–  a one week programme of lectures and meetings covering nearly every issue and subject in contemporary photography: from making a book or a magazine independently to new media, from how photography is becoming an art to practics of storytelling from idea to publishing, from reviewing the world’s photographic arena to the practical advice on how a photographer can become a part of it, and a lot more.

Lecturers and authors to meet are: Lyalya Kuznetsova, Valery Schekoldin, Irina Chmyreva, Alexander Kitaev, Anna Zekria, Alexey Loginov, Irena Evert, Larisa Grinberg, Oleg Klimov, Katya Bogachevskaya, Olesya Schukina, Varya Vedeneeva, Tikhon Basilevsky, Konstantin Kiryanov-Gref, Mihail Karasik, Olesya Emalyanova, Pieter Ten Hoopen, Vanessa Winship, Michael Ackerman and others.

– Portfolio review with more than 15 russian and international experts from various photographic scenes – photoeditors, curators, gallerists, representatives of magazines and photoagencies.

The theme for this Summer Photoworkshop’ 2010 was chosen as indeterminacy, being at crossroads and at the same time new opportunities – the “Ways of Photography”. The  inconsistency in our logo is about the same thing – photography today is a bit stumbling, being unsteady, vitally dependant on industry and market conditions, and is in need of support from those who appreciate human and artistic position, and believe in necessity of independent  expression.

At the same time photographers have gained vast opportunities for working independently – internet as a place for selfpromotion, publishing books and selfmade magazines as a means of expression, creating multimedia, and other spheres where one can immerse himself. Simultaneously documentary and art photography are changing, merging and supplementing each other, both on behalf of changes in visual language and on behalf of business. Many of these new trends and opportunities in contemporary photography are proposed for discussion at the International Summer Photoworkshop ‘2010 “Ways Of Photography”.

That is always an intence week of learning when lectures or meetings start early in the morning and are over in the everning.

This year every eager photographer can design his own particular program from a number of daily lectures, one-day masterclasses or workshops 3 to 5 days long. The cost of attending is being formed by the number of courses chosen, and the more you attend the lower is the cost!

Masterclass, workshops and lectures attendance rates are available here: ATTENDANCE FEES.

Schedule of events at Fotodepartament and all events of the International Summer Photoworkshop is available at Google Calendar.

Open screening of photo movies collection Foto in motion.vol.3″ titled “Home” will take place during the summer workshops ‘2010 and will be issued on a CD. “Young Photography 2010 1/2” Exhibition is a part of summer workshops’ programme as well.



1. Documentary Photography
Tutor: Anders Petersen, Stockholm
“Personal Vision”
Dates: June 27th to 29th, 3 days
Tution Fee: 9500 rubles
Number of participants: 15-20

We are sorry to announce that due to the illness of Anders, this workshop is not going to happen.

1. Documentary Photography

Tutor: Michael Ackerman, Berlin, Agence VU

“Personal Vision”

Dates: June 27th to 29th, 3 days
Tution Fee: 9500 rubles
Number of participants: 15-20

2. Photojourmalism
Pieter Ten Hoopen, Stockholm, Agence VU
Dates: June 30th to July 4th, 5 days
Tuition Fee: 11500 rubles
Number of participants: 12-15

3. Art Photography and Photo Documentary
Vanessa Winship, UK, Agence VU
Storytelling: Portrait Within the Environment
Dates: June 30th to July 2nd, 3 days
Tution Fee: 9500 rubles
Number of participants: 12-15

4. Theory Of Photography For Photographers
Victoria Musvik, Moscow
Basics Of Photographic Creativity
Dates: June 27th to 29th, 3 days
Tution Fee: 7500 rubles
Number of participants: 15

5. Printing Techniques
Alexey Alexeev
/St.-Petersburg, Dmitry Rubinstein/Moscow
Alternative Manual Printing
Dates: July 2nd to 4th, 3 days
Tution Fee: 6500 rubles
Number of participants: 15


6. Printing Techniques
Alexander Kitaev
 / St.-Petersburg
Dates: June 29th to July 1st, 3 days
Tution Fee: 6500 rubles
Number of participants: 15



June 28th / Anna Zekria ( / A Photo Story: From Idea To Publication
June 30th / Oleg Klimov (photographer) / Documentary Photography. Search of new forms to express documentary content between classical photography and multimedia
July 1st / Igor Lebedev / Personal Photoproject: Conceptual, Art and Documentary Photography
July 2nd / Irina Tchmyreva (freelance curator) / Art Photography: Search Of Personal Language
July 2nd / Olesya Emelyanova (Newsweek) / Editorial News Photography: theme, style, work, publication
July 4th / Ekaterina Kondranina (MDF) / Art Project Workflow

More details in MASTERCLASS and LECTURES section

PORTFOLIO REVIEW ‘2010 / July 3rd, Saturday

An important event within the educational process at International Summer Photoworkshops ‘2010 “Ways Of Photography” is a portfolio review held according to interntionally acknowledged rules. Meetings professionals and showing personal work let the young photographers orientate themselves within hierarchy of contemporary photography and realize their work level, establish professional connections. In 2010 the experts of summer portfolio review will include museum curators, representatives of fashion, social and political, photo periodicals, agencies photoeditors, gallerists, infamous photographers and other experts.


Submission deadline is July 1st.

More details  in PORTFOLIO REVIEW’2010 section soon.

Call for submission to International Summer Photoworkshop ‘2010 is open for:

– photographers who already completed basic levels of photographic education, aspiring specialization and more deep immerse into photography;
– students of artistic institutions, photographic schools and courses;
– periodicals’ editors and photoeditors, as well as photographers seeking for practice of photoeditor;
– working curators, art managers, gallerists, art critics and historians, as well as students in need of practice in organizing international art processes;
– architects, theater designers, designers in printed matters with an interest in art sphere.

Submission and deposit payment deadline is June 20th, 2010.

Deposit amount is 3000 rubles. If you want to participate in numerous events with the total value less than deposit ammount, you also are to pay it in full beforehands. The ways of payment will be advised to you by our coordinator after receiving your application.

Please submit your application online:  and upload some photographs.


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