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International Summer Photoworkshop’ 2009. Profession – Photography”


Saint-Petersburg, Russia

5-12 July 2009

Main Organizers:
Foundation of Informational and Cultural Projects “FotoDepartament” and Library Cultural Art and Information Center of V. Mayakovsky city public library (Nevsky pr., 20)

Exhibition partners:
The State Museum of the History of St.-Petersburg,
“Pobeda” Gallery, Moscow,
Art and Music Center of the V. Mayakovsky Library

Information partners:,, “Objective Reality” Foundation/, magazines – Tsifrovik, Digital Photo, PhotoWorkshop, Potrebitel, Fototehnika & Videokamery.

Foundation of Informational and Cultural Projects “FotoDepartament” with the support of the Art and Music Center of the V. Mayakovsky Library/Nevsky prospect 20 presents the fifthInternational Summer Photoworkshop “Profession-Photography”.

In the year 2009 FotoDepartament continues to work in the serious sphere of professional education in photography. Such important professions for developing high-level photography in Russia as art-management, curator’s work with the exhibitions, photo edition and photo critics, still haven’t received proper attention and support in Russian universities.  The only way for the young artists to try themselves in some of these professions is to learn from experienced international masters who work in these spheres nowadays. That is why already for the second year the summer workshop program provides a chance to meet the representatives of the professions that are part and parcel of photography as an art and an important social phenomenon.

International Summer Photo-workshop “Profession-photography” ‘09 includes:
– courses on the basic directions of modern photography;
– courses for those willing to try their forces in such necessary and called-for professions as photography curators and photo editors in all types of media advisory;
– course for those who wish to try the new multimedia format –a practical course on creating photo-films and multimedia projects;
– course devoted to the work on a personal photo-project and its promotion.

During the 8 days of the workshop the students go through intensive training, the classes start right in the morning and in the evening they are followed by different open events – master-classes, meetings, discussions, film shows and portfolio-revues.
The ’09 workshop program includes a public show devoted to the photo-films that are to form the «Foto in motion.vol.2» collection of slideshows, all connected with one theme: “The Youth. Finding oneself”.
As a part of the International Photoworkshop some of the leading exhibition halls in St.-Petersburg are going to hold a number of exhibitions by both well-known and young talented Russian and foreign photographers.
Courses and instructors:

1. Photojournalism
Professor: Sergey Maximishin, Saint-Petersburg/Russia
“Photo story for magazine”
Price: 13000 RUB
Group: 10-12 persons
Duration: 8 days

2. Photojournalism
Professor: Pieter ten Hoopen (Agence VU’), the Netherlands
Price: 15000 RUB
Group: 10-12 persons

3. Photoproject
Professor: Liza Factor, Moscow/Russia
“Personal photoproject: idea, realization, promotion”
Price: 13000 RUB
Group: 10-12 persons

4. Foto in Motion
Professors: Anastasia Zlatopolskaya and Igor Lebedev, Saint-Petersburg/Russia
“Multimedia – photo film”
Price: 13000 RUB
Group: 10-12 persons

5. Profession: the photo editor
Professor: Andrey Polikanov – the chief of photo department of “The Russian reporter” magazine, Moscow/Russia
“Photo editor – limits of profession”
Price: 13000 RUB
Group: 10-12 persons
One of the outstanding events in the course of the International Summer Photoworkshop’09 “Profession – photography” is going to be the series of portfolio-reviews: according to the international traditions, the works of young photographers are viewed and discussed by the eminent professionals representing different genres of photography. Meetings of that kind give the young and talented the chance to get professional comments on their works and form an idea about their level, besides portfolio-reviews help the students to find their way in the hierarchy of modern photography and make some new useful connections, exchange experiences.
In the year 2009 the experts during the portfolio-revues will be represented by well-known personalities from different fashion, travel, social and political issues, photographers and curators.

Summer Photoworkshop welcomes:
– photographers with the level of technical skill above the initial;
– students of art colleges, universities, photography schools, courses;
– editors and photo editors of magazines and photographers willing to try their hands at photo editor work;
– practicing curators, art-managers, galerists, art-critics as well as students who wish to get some international practice in organization of the art-process;
– architects, theatre artists, media-designers, who are interested in organizing the work in the art-sphere (the course for curators).

The last day for submitting applications and pre-payment: 2 July 2009