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International Summer Photoworkshop’08 Profession – Photography!

St. PETERSBURG, June 29 – July 6 2008

Organizers: Information Center/Bureau FotoDepartament
V. V. Mayakovsky library (Nevsky pr. 20)

Partners:  «Pobeda» Gallery, Moscow,
Information partners:,,, magazines – Tsifrovik, Digital Photo, PhotoWorkshop, Potrebitel, Fototehnika & Videokamery.

Location: St. Petersburg, Russia
Time: June 29 – July 6 2008 года
Information Center “FotoDepartament” in partnership with the Cultural center of the V. V. Mayakovsky library / Nevsky Prospekt, 20 representsInternational Summer Photoworkshop 2008 with a heading of «PROFESSION – PHOTOGRAPHY» .
The lack of professionals in Russian photo industry has been a problem for awhile now. However journal photography and photo reporting developed a rather strong infrastructure, there still isn’t a single public university with an established program in photo editing/photojournalism.

The situation is somewhat similar in the field of art-photography. It has not been until 2 years ago when rapid formation of professional unions, specialized galleries and exhibitions, as well as events hosted by Moscow House of Photography and their biennale started shaping professional environment which was picked up by art market and demand of final consumer. Though lack of the experts, art-managers and critics who are supposed to be pushing the process forward is still an issue for they are flowing into this area spontaneously mostly coming from humanities or art sciences.

Abroad, photography is a profession and it takes 4-5 years to get a Bachelor’s followed by 2 years of working on a Master’s thesis. But even such brief meetings with world-renowned photographers serve the great purpose of providing the direction and inspiration for work and new ideas for artistic expression.

Organizers and Instructors of the international summer photoworkshop 2008 set the question of a designation borders of new professions and the beginning formation of new generation experts and authors

The photo workshop includes intensive practical courses taught by the leading Russian and foreign photographers representing four directions in photography – art-photography (Hellen van Meene, Netherlands), a fashion photography (Pavel Samokhvalov), a travel photography (Sergey Maksimishin) and photo journalism (Jury Kozyrev), as well as development courses for photographers on creation and work at the personal photo-project (Igor Lebedev) and experts of actual and scarce professions in Russia – a course photoeditors (Andrey Polikanov), curators (Irina Meglinskaya) and the art-managers/ galerist (Lisa Fetisova, Paris)

7 days the photo workshop participants will go through intense education program in photogroups and groups of practical art-professions.The study day would start in the morning and end in the evening with evening open events, meetings with specialists and photographers, discussions and review of a portfolio. In one of final days of a photoworkshop will pass a round table “Formation of the art-market – professionals, mechanisms of development, authors”, mentioning themes of development of the Russian photomarket, questions of becoming the trades helping development of a photo – work of curators, the art-dealers, galleries, and also places and authors opportunities in market system.


Directions of study and instructors:

1.  Photo journalism
Instructor: Vladimir Vyatkin, photographer , Moscow
Tuition: 13500 rubles
Number of students in group: 10-12

2. Travel-photography
Instructor: Sergey Maksimishin, photographer, St.Petersburg
Course title: «Photography for travel-magazine»
Tuition: 13500 rubles.
Number of students in group: 10-12

3. Art photography
Instructor: Hellen van Meene, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Course title: « PORTRAIT »
Tuition: 14000 rubles.
Number of students in group: 10-124.

4. Fashion photography
Instructor: Pavel Samokhvalov/Esquire, Vogue, Afisha-MIR, Grazia etc., Moscow
Tuition: 13500 rubles.
Number of students in group: 10-12

5. The Photoproject – from idea to realization and promotion
Instructor: Igor Lebedev – photographer, historian of photography, St. Petersburg
Invited lecturers: Irina Tarhanova-Jakubson, Irina Meglinskaya, Irina Chmyreva
Tuition: 13500 rubles.
Number of students in group: 10-12

6. Profession: Curator
Instructor: Irina Meglinskaya – curator, co-owner of «Pobeda» gallery, Moscow
Invited lecturers: Arcady Ippolitov, Irina Tarhanova-Jakubson, representatives of museums and galleries
Tuition: 13500 rubles.
Number of students in group: 10-12

7. Profession: Photoeditor
Instructor: Andrey Polikanov– photography director of «Russian reporter» magazine, Moscow
Tuition: 13500 rubles.
Number of students in group: 10-12

8.  Profession: Art Manager, art dealer, galerist
Instructor: Liza Fetisova, galerist, Paris
Invited lecturers: Marina Gisich, Maria Korosteleva, Kiril Belov
Course title: «Profession: Art – Manager, art – dealer, galerist»
Tuition: 14000 rubles.
Number of students: 10-12


An important event in the educational process of summer photography workshop is the Portfolio review which is spent by the rules established in the world – review of works by young authors by professionals in the field of photography These meetings and work reviews allow the beginning photographer to get an opinion on his or her works, orient in the hierarchy of modern photography, establish professional contacts, network, further develop their photographic or journalistic careers. In 2008 among experts of a years portfolio-revue there will be representatives glossy, travel magazines, photo -and political editions, galerists, photographers, photoeditors, curators and other experts.

Summer Photoworkshop is open to:

– photographers with a level of technical skill above initial;
– students of art colleges, universities, photography schools, courses;
– editors and photo editors of magazines and photographers willing to try their hands at photo editor work;
– Practising curators, art managers, galerists, art-critics as well as students whom the international practice of the organization of the art-processes is important.
You can fill out the application and upload photographs at the website 
Applicants are accepted to program based on the results of viewing of the resume and the loaded photos – for photographers! It is not necessary to load photos for groups of the art-managers, photoeditors and curators.
The final enrollment is done after the payment of the deposit. The deposit amount is 2000 rubles. (transfer to the account).