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Tatyana Palyga

Our website contains a limited range of works. The artist’s prints archive is available in person in FotoDepartment Gallery or by


Tatyana Palyga was born in 1982 in Cherepovets. Since 2007 lives and works in St. Petersburg.

2000 – 2005 studied at the Cherepovets State University, Philological Faculty.

2008 – 2010 Faculty of Press Photographers at Saint-Petersburg House of Journalists

International Workshops: 2010  Peter Ten Hoopen (Stockholm) “Working on Photo Essay”

2011 Nikolai Howalt (Copenhagen) “Photography Is Real. Photography Is Unreal”.

Practical workshops and Educational Programs (organized by FotoDepartament Foundation)  :

“Ways of Photography” , “Photography After Photography “,  “Photography As Research”, “Photography As Experience”, “Introduction to Theory of Photography”.

2011 Tokamak Art Residence, Suomenlinna, Helsinki,

Was exhibited in the frame of  group exhibition “Young Photography 2010, 2/2 . Time”