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Exhibition: Young Russian Photography 2012 2/2. Reality / Decorations

Fund “FotoDepartament” announces about exhibition of the winter project “Young Photography” 2012, which opens at the Center for Art and Music on Nevsky, 20 before the New Year!

Young Russian Photography 2012 2/2. Reality / Decorations

29 December’2012 – 20 January’2013

Center for Art and Music Library. V.V. Mayakovsky / Nevsky prospect, 20

Алена Жандарова

Alena Zhandarova

“The Young Photography 2012” is the project which allows young photographers from all over Russia to submit their work online in order to be seen and luckily picked by the jury of 5 curators, all professionals in their field. Using votes of the curators, an exhibition of the second, winter, season of the project will be made. It will take place in Saint-Petersburg, at the Centre of Art and Music on Nevsky, 20 since 29 December 2012 till 20 January 2013.

This season will be full of experiments. Starting this year, we accept not only art and documentary photography, but multimedia, books and installation works as well. For the first time, apart from judging the projects, curators will be able to make their own research of the field of Russian photography and to propose the photographers they’ve seen on the web, at other exhibitions, in publications etc. This is done in order to expand the field of study and to make the exhibition even more unpredictable and experimental.

The main theme of the exhibition is: Reality / Decorations

We are offering young photographers within the framework of the theme ‘Reality/Decorations’ to think of how the photography as the closest to what we see tool can show detailed and abstract things such as memory, identity, time, aging, changes (in different spheres – from the private life to the society), plurality, routine and so on. And to choose their own method of work – to take as a basis the production of reality or to build their own worlds.

One more way for thinking over the suggested theme can be projects, which reveal some present processes, reality from different sides, in other words, which are concentrated on the spaces everyone lives in – in some place where we can be the only kings or in the world that is supervised by someone else.


Art and documentary photograph:
Ksenya Azarenko. Ambivalence / Ekaterinburg
Anastasiya Bogomolova. Recall / Kasli-Chelyabinsk
Artur Bondar. Where my childhood died / Moscow
Alena Zhandarova. The City of Brides / Ivanovo
Alla Afonina, Vera Laponkina. Employees / Moscow
Anton Malykhin. Trapped / Kursk
Natasha Podunova. The City of my Childhood / Ekaterinburg
Maria Pleshkova. Days of War: a Pillow Book / Moscow
Julia Spiridonova. Feminine / Moscow
Danila Tkachenko. Fake / Moscow
Fedor Shklyaruk. New Territory / Moscow
Anna Shutkina. The Zero Trajectory / Saint-PetersburgBook:
Nick Degtyarev. Manual / Moscow


Amber Terranova / photo editor magazine PDN, New York, USA
Michelle Marie Roy / independent curator, photographer, video artist, Stockholm, Sweden
Igor Lebedev / photographer, curator and historian of photography, Saint Petersburg
Jana Romanova / photographer, curator of the faculty of Y.A. Halperin of photojournalist, Saint Petersburg
Nadya Sherye / curator, photo critics, Saint Petersburg

We are waiting for you at the opening of the exhibition 29 December 2012 , where you will be able to see not only photos but you could  discuss works with the authors, and congratulate each other with Happy New Year!

More information dor press: 8-901-301-7994, Nadya Sheremetova /

Partner of the exhibition: The company “Bright World» /
Published in the Photo Center Exhibition “Bright World Pro» on Stachek, 5

Organizers of the project: 

Fund information and cultural programs “FotoDepartament” St. Petersburg,
Nevsky prospect, 32, tel / fax: +7 (812) 314-5925