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Admission And Tuition

Photographers willing to participate in the summer seminar must fill out application forms at and upload at least 5 photographs. Please note that photograph title must contain Latin characters only. Additionally, a brief resume/artists statement and bio note is required.

The photography seminar is open for Russian or foreign applicants, who pass the admission tests, fill out questionnaires and send in their photos for review.
The admission is made based on the results of portfolio review for photographers, and based on written essays, for photo critics. Final admission is made after approval of applicant’s works and receipt of tuition deposit. The deposit amount for any class is 2000 rubles.

ATTENTION! The photo seminar organizers reserve one free spot in each group! We will select the best-qualified applicant out of the number of those who applied and paid the deposit. The winner, selected by organizers and instructors shall be given free tuition at the seminar, and his or her deposit shall be refunded.

After filling out application form, you would need to send receipt for deposit. The application, deposit and your works will serve as a guarantee for admission to photo seminar class. If the class has been already formed and no places are available, you can pick another class, and if you do not wish to  change a class, we shall refund your deposit. The remaining portion of tuition is paid in cash (in rubles) during the first day of international photo seminar, June 30, 2007.

Each student must have the following:
– photo camera of any format, digital or analogue;
– tripod;
– photography skills and knowledge described in detail in each group program;
– ability to communicate in Russian or French. The working language of photo seminar is Russian.

To be admitted to any class, the deposit in the amount of 2000 rubles is required. Please download the filled out payment form and pay the deposit at any Sberbank branch, and fax us payment confirmation to (812) 714-1827 or e-mail:

Tuition includes:
education in a group setting;
two portfolio review sessions;
lectures, master classes;
studio expenses, studio equipment;
free prints of a limited number of photos;
coffee breaks.

Tuition does not include:
transportation to and from St. Petersburg;
residence and living expenses.

The seminar organizers can help you arrange hostel/hotel reservations, please indicate in your application that you would require a reservation.

DEADLINE for applications and deposits:  12 June 2007.