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Julia Borissova. DOM IV
The definition of hub is not only the intersection of different lines, but also a useful working node.

Attention Hub is a project-platform, presenting Russian authors, who work in a field of contemporary photography and visual art. Their practices are developed in response of a global context, and this makes them stand out of the existing traditional pattern. Many of them are already internationally known in the different contexts: from contemporary art to documentary projects. Attention Hub gathers their powerful statements together.

Our mission is to overcome boundaries related to art, and, namely, cultural perception, language and distance. Attention Hub both changes perceptual patterns and rejects isolation of any kind.

Avoiding stereotypes is our principle. Though Russian photography is often described as «local» and «exotic», we recognize the fact that contemporary artists work in an extremely complex field today, thus we avoid any generalizations and trends. Their individuality is a potential that we aim to develop and that is worth an investment.

By making this platform, we represent contemporary Russian visual art appropriately in the international arena, which means we speak about the situation as it is: difficult, but not without those who are ready to change it.

Attention Hub is a place for those, who are curious about or already involved in emerging Russian art. We believe that the audience, collectors, curators, institutions and artists should not waste their time searching, but instead have a place for interacting and developing the overall art-environment.
Making a new context
Jana Romanova
Irina Zadorozhnaia
Irina Ivannikova
Attention Hub basically
Why we decided to create Attention Hub?
What is Attention Hub?
Attention Hub is a project-platform, uniting contemporary artists from Russia, whose practices lie in fields of photography and visual art. Their work is developed in response of a global context, that makes them stand out of the existing traditional pattern.
Meeting point
Attention hub is a meeting point for contemporary Russian photography and those who are interested in getting to know it. By visiting the platform, purchasing a print, you start a dialogue with Russian photography and support the artists' growth on the international market. The intersection of Russian and international fields is what we form.
The goal
Artists need mobility: their work should appear on international events. Unfortunately, an independent artist with a solid project is not necessarily the one who can afford a trip, an exhibition or any other form of project's implementation. In Attention Hub we collect a budget in order to make future events possible. In addition to names' presentation, the platform sets out direction for Russian artists' united movement on the international stage.
Artists' statement worthwhile
Attention Hub unites conceptually strong artists and sets up market mechanisms, links and media attention that, in turn, form a statement: сontemporary Russian photography is in demand.
Financial support
Looking for funding can be challenging for young artists, and interest in contemporary art in Russia is local and volatile. Attention Hub intervents in the issue of global relations.
The way international audience perceives Russian photography is often based on "exoticism", that builds a pernicious stereotyping around Russian art. We show the artists, who speak intercultural and international language, pushing imaginary boundaries.
There is a vacuum situation in terms of knowing what is happening with Russian photography and art in general coming from the international environment. The isolation resulting from the "local" and "exotic" tags interferes with the artists, who, supported by institutions and collections, could perform on the world art-scene. Attention Hub adjusts the exchange/integration mechanisms, and becomes a point of attention and a knot of interests for both artists and audience.
Why online?
Online is a dynamic and accessible format, providing the maximum audience coverage from anywhere in the world. Attention Hub is an introduction to the context of Russian photography as well as an interaction. The combination of technology, digitalization of information consumption and trends of selling art online all build new ways of overcoming physical boundaries and setting up a convenient and focused support, that independent art needs.
Relevance to the global discourse
We've gathered contemporary artists who have an independent view, work with current realities, have a market potential and are ready to take a confident position in the art field. New Russian photography is interdiscursive: it is not tied to the legacy of the past and exists regardless of territorial boundaries. Emerging Russian authors do not speak about Russia and the post-Soviet space exclusively, but are engaged in a dialogue with the global trends.
Know Russian photography personally
Attention Hub is a common voice and personal acquaintance with contemporary Russian photography. The platform offers a convenient way to find, to meet, to compare artists; to establish useful contacts. The platform accumulates the voices of the generation; the people, who comment on the current situation. We present each name separately, properly showing their strongly implemented projects.
What next?
Attention Hub is a multiphase project. Firstly, it is an indefinitely developing platform; a dynamic and constantly updated database of emerging Russian names, performing in the field of photography and contemporary art.
Events-interventions are the large support of this extended process. The first phase of Attention Hub will last from September 1 to November 30, 2018 and will aim at promoting authors and raising funds for the presentation of their work at international events 2019-2020.
Why do we sell the prints?
Regarding photography, print is the visualization of author's concept. But it is also a product, that, in the market relations, gives an author a resource for development.
Half of the budget received from selling the artist prints on Attention Hub will go to the authors; the second half the institution-organizer will use as a budget for event program and international initiatives in the near future.
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