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How to apply and pay

Photographers willing to participate in the International Summer Photoworkshop ‘2010 “Ways of Photography” should fill in the application form

Choose a course and upload 5 photographs. Please note that photograph title must contain Latin letters only. In  the menu “Course Name”, choose the necessary course. If you want to participate in several courses in “Your Message” note all the courses and one-day masterclasses you want to take part in. If you want to  attend  summer workshop’s  lectures, write the number of lectures, coordinator will write you back and  you together will confirm the whole list of chosen lectures. Additionally, a brief resume/artists statement and bio note is required.

The photography workshop is open for Russian or foreign applicants, who pass the admission tests, fill in the questionnaires and send in their photos for review.
For photographers, who want to participate in workshops and masterclasses the admission is made based on the results of uploaded photos review and resume.

Lectures are open for everyone, who has an interest to photography, for check-inn and booking places for lectures uploading  photos is not necessary.

Final admission is made after approval of applicant’s works and receipt of tuition deposit. The deposit amount for any class is 3000 rubles.

After filling out application form, you would need to send receipt for deposit. The application, deposit and your works will serve as a guarantee for admission to photo seminar class. You also can pay by cash  at “Fotodepartamet” everyday 12.00 to 20.00

The application, deposit and your works will serve as a guarantee for admission to photo seminar class. If the class has been already formed and no places are available, you can pick another class, and if you do not wish to  change a class, we shall refund your deposit. The remaining portion of tuition is paid in cash (in rubles) during the first day of summer workshop, June 27, 2010.

ATTENTION If you decide not to participate in Summer workshop after the 7th on June the deposit won’t be given back.

You need to send Payment confirmation to our

DEADLINE for applications and deposits: 20 June 2010.

Tuition includes:
education in a group setting;
two portfolio review sessions for workshop participants and one – for masterclass participants( not more then 4 free sessions for 1 person)
coffee breaks.

Tuition does not include:
Transportation to and from St. Petersburg;
residence and living expenses.

The seminar organizers can help you arrange hostel/hotel reservations, please indicate in your application that you would require a reservation.