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Photojournalism. Workshop by Pieter ten Hoopen

Pieter ten Hoopen – a  famous Dutch photographer working for the French Agence VU’  and Swedish “Moment Agency”, awarded first prize in daily life stories in the 2008 World Press Photo Awards, will hold a workshop devoted to creation of photo stories and projects requiring long-term working out.

“We will talk about strengths and weaknesses of photographer in general. We will discuss how to create a photo story: stages, key moments, communication with people you take pictures of and result you get. What photographer can do to renew their outlook, how to estimate a problem from different perspectives and find your unique point of view. And number one question is how to find new ways to grow and progress improving your photographic language. During the workshop I plan to talk to each student to understand their motivation and help them to achieve their goals”.

During the workshop each student will be working at their personal project, creating photo story with support of the professor. At the end of each day they discuss their work with Pieter ten Hoopen and the group. The result of the work will be publication of the students’ stories in a virtual pdf-magazine “F”. During the workshop joint classes with groups of photo editors (professor Andrey Polikanov) and curators (professor Irina Chmyreva) and designer of  “F” magazine will be held.

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