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July 11, 2009. Saturday!



Portfolio-review is an important event of the International Summer Workshop 2009 “Profession – Photography”. Young photographers show their works to professionals and get advice. Meeting professionals helps young photographers to estimate their level of excellence and establish professional partnerships.
In 2009 among experts at Portfolio-review one can meet representatives of  glossy magazines, photo and socio-political editions, art-dealers and world-famous photographers.


11am – 2pm. Portfolio-review for entrants of the International Summer Workshop 2009 “Profession – Photography” only. Each student can show their portfolio to 2 expert free of charge.

2pm – 6pm. Portfolio-review is open for all comers.

To sign up for Portfolio-review please follow the link:

To sign up for Portfolio-review as part of the International Summer Workshop 2009 “Profession – Photography” please choose course “Portfolio-review_Summer’09!”. Obligatory: in your message please mention the name of an expert or experts (photographers, photo-editors, curators etc.) whom you want to show your works to.



Pieter ten Hoopen/ the Netherlands-Sweden, Agence VU’
Igor Lebedev/ Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Alexander Kitaev/ Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Evgeniy Mokhorev/ Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Liza Factor/ Moscow, Russia
Sergey Maximishun/ Saint-Petersburg, Russia (session will be held on July 6th from 10am till 2pm)


Andrey Polikanov – the chief of photo department of “The Russian reporter” magazine, Moscow/Russia
Ekaterina Rykova and Nika Makhlina – chief-editor of “The Photo-Workshop” magazine and photo-editor of “Digital Photo” magazine
Anna Nistratova – photo-editor of “The Black square” magazine, director of book-store of gallery.
Natalia Udartceva – curator, Pro Lab Centre Gallery / Moscow, Russia
Yana Miloradovskaya – chief-editor of “SPb.Sobaka.Ru” magazine / Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Detailed resumes of expects you can find on our web-site in the “Experts’ resumes” soon. The number of experts will increase!

One session of portfolio-review with one expert lasts 15 minutes.

We bring to your notice, that number of sessions with each expert is limited! FotoDepartament will set time of portfolio-review sessions for each applicant in order of receiving applications. Timetable of sessions with names of entrants will be announced before the Portfolio-review and also all participants will be notified about time of their sessions by e-mail.

Cost of participation:

500 RUB – one session with one expert

850 RUB – two sessions with two experts on your choice

1300 RUB – three sessions

1500 RUB – four sessions

The payment is made on the day of the Portfolio-review.

Library named after V.V.Mayakovsky
Nevsky Prospect, 20 – 1st floor
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