Alexander Veryovkin

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Born in 1987 in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Currently based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

2012 — Alina Belishkina, course “Wandering forms.”
2012 — Martine Stig Workshop: People and the public space. Playing with reality.
2012 — Morten Andersen Workshop: PROJECTS AND SELF-PUBLISH BOOKS
2012 — Inka Lindergard & Niclas Holmström Workshop: TRAILS AND ERRORS
2012 — Alina Belishkina, course “The ability of the island.” Picture. Landscape. nostalgia
2012 — Nadya Sheremetova, course “Photography at the limit” in the educational program “PHOTOGRAPHY AS A RESEARCH“
2011 — Pieter ten Hoopen workshop “Working on photostory”. Cultural cooperation and educational program «Nordic Photography Experience» organized by Foundation of informational and cultural programs “FotoDepartament” with support of Nordic Culture Point. St. Petersburg, Russia.
2009–2011 — Faculty of Press Photographers by J.A.Galperin, St. Petersburg, Russia
2004–2009 — Saint-Petersburg State University, faculty of mathematics and mechanics

Group Exhibitions
2012 — group exhibition “Young Russian photography 2012 1/2. Below the surface” — project “Cluster E” — St. Petersburg, Russia
2011 — exhibition of group of young photographers “Hazard Images” — project “A Town near the Sea” at fotofestival Moravská Třebová. Moravska Trebova, Czech Republic
2010 — exhibition of group of young photographers “Hazard Images” — project “A Town near the Sea”. Perm, Russia.
2010 — “Fifty First” exhibition of Faculty of Press Photographers by J.A.Galperin — Project “National Heritage” — St. Petersburg, Russia.
2009 — “St. Isaac’s Cathedral” exhibition — State Hermitage. Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

2010 — 1st prize in the II International Festival of Photography PHOTOVISA as a member of HAZARD Images group of young photographers. Krasnodar, Russia