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FotoDepartament digest: Russian photography / autumn-winter 2015

News from the artists and  photographers represented by FotoDepartament gallery and the students of educational programm FotoDepartament.Institute

Igor Samolet

Снимок экрана 2015-10-27 в 19.12.24

The book “Be Happy” made by Russian photographer Igor Samolet was included to A DIY Photobook Manual and Manifesto published by Self Publish, Be Happy and Aperture foundation. This autumn another project by Igor Samolet called “Herbarium” was exhibited in FotoDepartament gallery (17.10 – 26.11.2015)

Read more about A DIY Photobook Manual and Manifesto:

Stories made by the graduates from the educational program FotoDepartament.Institute for – the website created by the charity foundation “Help Needed”

Tatiana Vinogradova

Photographer Tatiana Vinogradova made a portrait of the only place in Russia where adolescents who have broken the law have the opportunity to live and study outside their habitual environment – the streets, the school and their family. See full article:

 Ksenia Ivanova

Снимок экрана 2015-10-27 в 19.34.36

Photographer Ksenia Ivanova made a story about the homeless man Sergey Pokrovsky. See full article: 

Another documentary project by Ksenia Ivanova called “On the Edge” represents the life of modern subcultures in St. Petersburg and was created during the author’s studies in FotoDepartment.Institute. The project was published by “Kommersant” newspaper complimenting the interview with sociologist Elena Omelchenko. See more:

Снимок экрана 2015-10-27 в 19.48.13

Fedor Telkov

The series “Smog” created by photographer Fedor Telkov, respesented by FotoDepartament gallery, investigate the life in small towns in Ural region (Russia), built around the central industrial objects of the country.  See more:

2016-01-05 19-04-50 Урал наш — Такие Дела - Google Chrome

Another project of Telkov, “Skazy” (“Tales”), based on dystopian novel of Russian writer Evgeny Zanyatin “Us”, took part in the 3rd Ural Industrial Biennal of Contemporary Arts in Ekaterenburg. Here the author pays attention to the mythology of Ural region, blending reality and folklore together. Read more about the 3rd Ural Industrial Biennal of Contemporary Arts:

2016-01-05 20-00-45 3-я Уральская индустриальная биеннале современного искусства - Google Chrome

Anastasia Markelova

The interview with photographer Anastasia Markelova about her recent work “Please, return” was published on Bird in Flight website. Here Markelova tells the story of the archive she discovered two years ago on Sri-Lanka. This encounter led to a long and fascinating investigation of the origins of this archive. The story of the family that owned these photographs appeared to be closely connected to the history of photography itself.

Read and see more:

2016-01-06 18-58-06 Редактировать запись ‹ ФотоДепартамент — WordPress - Google Chrome

 Kristina Syrchikova

The documentary series by photographer Kristina Syrchikova, who graduated from FotoDepartament.Institute educational program, “Funeral Dress” was published on Bird in Flight website. The work is dedicated to a close friend of the photographer’s family, an elderly woman suffering from cancer. Kristina Syrchikova: “I wanted to make people pay attention to those who suffer from cancer. To make them see pain, hope, humility and loss of faith; to face the merciless medical system. I hope that my work would bring relief to the pain of the people who are in same situation. I hope that they can find the power not to give up and support each other. These series is a revelation and an attempt to turn the wound inside out. This is painful, but also nessesary.”

See more:

2016-01-05 22-08-42 Похоронное платье История онкобольной в серии Кристины Сырчиковой - Bird In Flight - Google Chrome

Anastasia Tsayder

The series “Mzensk” by Anastasia Tsayder, photographer represented by FotoDepartament gallery, was included in the long list of nomenees for Kandinsky Prize 2015 in “Young Artist. Project of the Year” categorie.  The first exhibition of this series happened in 2014 in FotoDepartment gallery.

2016-01-07 17-07-46 Tsayder Anastasiya - Google Chrome

Another project by Anastasia Tsayder, “Summer Olympics” was published on the website of Wired magazine. “[I wanted] to tell a story about the hopes for a utopian future encapsulated in this architecture,” the photographer says, “and about how far from reality these expectations turned out to be in the end.”

2016-01-05 22-31-32 See What Happened to the Venues of the 1980 Moscow Olympics WIRED - Google Chrome

Elena Kholkina

During the 6th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art photographer Elena Kholkina, represented by FotoDepartament gallery, in 10 days created a project “Dreams of the Center Pavilion“. Using photography, found images and a projector she made a book from the material collected during these 10 days in Biennale. See more:

2016-01-05 21-02-10 See What Happened to the Venues of the 1980 Moscow Olympics WIRED - Google Chrome

The dummy of Elena Kholkina new photobook “Reciprocity” was listed in a short-list of  Spine Photobook Festival 2015 Dummy Award.

Julia Borissova

The book “DOM” by FotoDepartment gallery photographer Julia Borissova was included among 20 other books to the BOOKCORNER of Internetional festival FOTOGRAFIA in Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome.

Her books “DOM” and “Address” were also presented in a photobook fair in Impressions Gallery (Bradford). You can see and buy the books “DOM” and “Address” in FotoDepartment online store.

Ropmagazine website published another series by Julia “The House of The Sea Wind“. See the full article:

2016-01-05 22-44-22 The House of The Sea Wind - Julia Borissova - - Google Chrome

Jana Romanova

Two projects by photographer Jana Romanova – “The Alphabet of Shared Words” and “Waiting” –  took part in the Month of Photography in Minsk this October.

2016-01-05 23-15-47 Month of Photography in Minsk - Google Chrome


Waiting” was published in the form of a photobook and was presented in Ping Pong: 30 Young photobooks vs. 30 Classics exhibition in Paris. Musee Magazine published a long review of the book and British photographer Martin Parr included “Waiting” into his list of the best photobooks in 2015.

The book “Waiting” is available in FotoDepartment online store.

2016-01-05 23-22-43 Snappy Slumbers Musee - Google Chrome

When Jana Romanova was selecting the best photobook in 2015 for FKmagazine herself she selected the work by FotoDeartament.Institute graduate Yury Gudkov “Keep an eye on what you see“. This book is also available in FotoDepartament online store.

2016-01-06 14-50-07 Диалоги - Google Chrome

Andrey Ivanov

The project by the student of FotoDepartament.Institute Andrey Ivanov called “Urban scrawl” was published by The Calvert Journal and The Guardian.

2016-01-05 20-11-58 Urban scrawl the Moscow edgelands where patriotism is writ large — The Calvert Journal - Google Chrome


Fedor Shklyaruk

The project “New Territories” by FotoDepatment gallery photographer Fedor Shklyaruk was published on the website of Thisispaper magazine. See the full article:

2016-01-05 20-28-56 Fedor Shklyaruk New Territory — Thisispaper — What we save, saves us. - Google Chrome

Projects of ISSP graduates

Special publication on the website of  YET magazine was dedicated to the students of ISSP summer school in Latvia. There are also the works by Michail Novitsky and Alexandra Soldatova.

2016-01-05 23-30-48 Special Feature ISSP 2015 final projects #4 – YET Magazine - Google Chrome

2016-01-05 23-31-49 Special Feature ISSP 2015 final projects #5 – YET Magazine - Google Chrome